10 Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Fashion Sense!

Due to the hectic schedule and lifestyle, most of us tend to neglect our fashion sense and the way we dress up to present ourselves better. This eventually leads up to wearing the same old clothes without a change in the style for a long time and hence there remains no space and time for experimenting something new.

Well, you do not have to buy new clothes every single time to update your wardrobe, it is just that you need to be a bit smart in mixing and matching up different pieces of clothes and using them in a variable style and manner. Clothes are a representation of your personality and mood so it is always recommended to choose them wisely. There are days when you feel like wearing a loose shirt and jeans and on others, you wish to add a sophisticated charm to your dresses, so select what you feel like on a particular day and feel special about yourself.

In this write up we have brought you some Fashion tips that will enhance your enhance fashion sense and will convert you into a fashion diva with just a little bit of change here and there. Read to the full length to know what you can do with the garments that you already have and the things you need to keep in mind while you plan to go out for shopping the very next time.

Fashion Tips Know How You Can Present Yourself Better through Smart Dressing

1. Do not go by the sizes of the clothes

Well, it is a common phenomenon that we tend to choose the piece of cloth which fits us the best. But, you can always wear a slightly bigger size clothes and transform them into something fashionable. You must be aware of the trend of wearing oversized tee-shirts with skinny jeans and boots or sneakers. This look has been loved by many and continues to do so.

2. Always have clothes in black, white and neutral colours

Whenever you are in doubt regarding what to wear, you can always pick out something in black, white or neutral colours as they save you from creating blunders at the last minute. Moreover, you can even assemble a black top with a black bottom whenever you are facing difficulties in choosing your attire for the day. If you prefer an economical wardrobe, you can even wear different versions of clothes of a similar colour to keep it simple.

3. Enhance your winter look with tights

We often get mistaken that summer clothes can’t be worn in winter. You can always wear your summer skirts with tights below them so that you do not feel the cold and at the same time are fashionable enough. The combination of a skater skirt with bright coloured tights is extremely comfortable and always in trend.

4. Buy scarves to enhance your look

Printed scarves can turn up a simple outfit into a more appealing one so you can pair them up with a simple shirt. If you are wearing one coloured shirt, then you can pair it up a printed scarf to make it more colourful and stylish. Long scarves can be turned into a poncho style dress by using a belt to hold it together.

5. Wear same coloured shoes to look taller

If you have a short height, then you can use the simple trick to make yourself taller. Wear shoes of similar colour as that of your trouser for an instant illusion that would make you appear slightly tall in height. You can also wear clothes with horizontal stripes in case if you want to look slender.

6. Know how to wear a single dress in different ways

You can give a professional look to a summer dress by wearing a blazer over it along with heels and accessories such as a wrist watch. Moreover, you can pair it with a tank top and make it appear like a skirt. Search out your wardrobe and figure out how you can mix up your casual and formal looks to create something new.

7. Keep a pair of combat boots in your wardrobe

Combat boots are a saviour any day as they go well with almost all kinds of bottoms ranging from pants, tights, leggings and even skirts. Moreover, they are a good option winters as they keep your feet warm and cosy while getting an edgy look to your entire outfit.

8. Experiment with colours and prints

Bold colours lift up your mood very easily and keep you energetic so you should have colours like green, red and yellow in your wardrobe. As discussed earlier neutral colours go well with almost every kind of outfit hence make sure you have one in each colour. When it comes to prints, there are a plethora of options available to choose from including geometric, florals, animal prints and cartoon prints as well. If are love wearing different styles of clothes, then you should keep in mind to have one in different colours and prints.

9. Maintain the loose-fit ratio

Never wear loose tops and bottoms together as they can spoil your entire outlook. Always keep in mind about the ratio of wearing loose shirts with fitted trousers and vice versa. Too much loose pieces of clothes on yourself will make you appear lanky and weary.

10. Have different kinds footwear

You must have footwear for every occasion. There are times when heels look better than flat, so keep a pair of stilettos and peep toes in black and nude so that they go with every outfit and you are not willing to spend much on them. Sneakers and casual shoes go well with everyday outfit and are super comfy and you must have a pair of the same with you. You can even experiment with gladiators and flats for a change.

Everyone has a different taste in the clothes that they choose and wear. Go for only those garments which make you feel comfortable and help you present yourself in a better manner. Remember that there is no point in following trends if a particular look doesn’t suit you. Also, make sure to accessorise well with the kind of outfit you are wearing. Hope these tips helped you to gain a better insight into how to utilise what you have and turn it into a fashionable piece.

Stay stylish, be you!

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