10 Fashion Tricks That Every Girl Should Know!

“There is dressing up and then there is smart dressing. “

We all share a bitter-sweet relationship with our clothes. Hardly, anyone would deny the fact that no matter how many clothes will you buy, there are always the few ones that we love to wear the most without discarding them even if they become a little dull over time. Moreover, there are several Fashion Tricks which can help you to dress up smartly and will save you from making fashion blunders. With this write-up, you would be able to brush up your fashion knowledge and gain an insight as to how to wear clothes in a smart manner.

Amazing Fashion Tricks That Will Make You a Smart Dresser

We have some easy and smart tips that will help you in the everyday life. Go through the points listed below and know the solutions to the common issues that you face with your clothes. From removing stains to choosing the right kind of accessories, we have covered it all for you.

1. Tucking the Straight Jeans into Boots

If you are not wearing skinny jeans on a particular day along with the boots then you don’t have to worry about tucking it in. Just give a one-fold up to the bottom portion of the jeans and side fold it again for once if it still feels loose. Cover your feet with socks, and there, you are ready to go. You can finally put on the boots on your straight jeans. 

2. Make use of baby wipes to remove deodorant marks

Getting those Deodorant marks over your favourite shirts is the saddest thing which can happen to your garment. Well, here is the solution to remove it as well. Make use of baby wipes and rub it over the stain till it seems to disappear. Always carry wipes in your bag to remove the food stains or any such thing in case you are travelling to some place and face this issue. You will eventually get a stain-free shirt again. Cool solution, isn’t it?

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3. Use old sweater as boot warmers

For those whose wardrobes have some old sweaters which you feel are no more useful, here is good news. Cut out the sweater from the sleeves portion and use them as boot warmers and you will be saved from the winter chill. These warmers are comfortable and will protect you from getting your feet cold. You can even wear them on your hands to keep them warm during the cold weather.

4. Use ice to remove the chewing gum on your clothes

Chewing gums cause the biggest trouble as they are way too sticky and do not easily get removed. Nonetheless, you just cannot cut your favourite clothes because the gum has just got stuck and you have taken all the measures to remove it. All you need is ice during such times, let the gum harden as it would due to the exposure to cold and then it will fallout easily. Easy, ain’t it?

5. Managing a tight zipper

The jeans seem a bit shrunk after washing and do not tend to fit in at first. To manage this use a keychain ring and attach it with the zip and slowly pull it over. Doing so will not put a pressure on your hands and you will easily be able to close it down.

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6. Wear necklaces according to the neckline of the dress you are wearing

You need to be wise while choosing the perfect neckpiece for the outfit that you have chosen to wear. Here are some of the points that will help you decide better –

  • Long chains and pendants go well with turtlenecks
  • V-neck shaped necklaces and pendants go well with v-neck dresses
  • Chokers go the best with strapless dresses and collared shirts
  • For boat neck dresses long pieces with beads seem the perfect option
  • Wear slim pendants with halter neck dresses

7. Know different styles of wearing a scarf

A printed scarf can lit up a simple outfit and increase your style quotient in no time. There are multiple ways of tying a scarf which you can apply to your daily clothes. Scarves can be worn with various knotting styles such as the French knot, Double sided twist, The Necklace style, Neck Warp and a plenty of others. Choose what suits the best with your outfit and you are good to go.

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8. Neutralise the wine stain to remove them

Red wine stains do not go away easily so to get over with them all you need to do is to sprinkle some white wine on the spoiled area to neutralise the effect of the former. This situation mostly happens during a party or a get-together so be ready with this trick if the same thing occurs with you by chance.

9. Trick to Manage the Loosened Hoodie String

The strings attached to the hoodie might sometimes get loosened and comes out. To manage this, attach a safety pin or a pencil with the string and then pull it inside the string hole in the hoodie to get it back the way it was. Don’t forget to tie a small knot at the end of the string so that it does not get pulled away again and the same issue happens again.

10. Take off the lint with help of pumice stone

Winter clothes often seem to get the lint balls under the armpits as the fabric loosens up a bit. Use pumice stone and rub it over the sweater and them use a lint roller to pick them up. You can even choose to use scissors to pick up the lint balls that get accumulated on tighter knit fabrics.

Knowing the common fashion tricks can solve a lot of problems that you face on a day-to-day basis. Keeping these above-mentioned tips in mind will provide you quick solutions to the smallest of your issues related to the clothes. So, leave your worries behind and style yourself like a fashion diva.

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