All You Need to Know About Kussmaul Breathing Problem

What is Kussmaul Breathing? For many, Kussmaul Breathing is something new. It is a breathing state which can be characterized with the help of rapid, labored, and deep breathing. This kind of breathing is an indication of the organs getting too much acidic. The body constantly works for maintaining a particular temperature along with neutral blood acid levels. And for ensuring the balancing the cells and the kidneys are dependent on the buffers or bases, which are basically the chemical compounds that combine with the hydrogen ions. When any kind of disruption is observed in the compounds, it leads to

Hair Rebonding : How To Take Care Of Rebonded Hair?

Some myths about Hair Rebonding busted 1. The hair loses its moisture and shine after rebonding. No doubt, the hair would look shinier after rebonding, but the chances of the hair getting additionally dry would increase due to overheating of the hair along with the scalp. As the natural oil of the hair gets ragged off, it starts looking dry. It can also reduce growth. 1. There is no possible side effect when going for hair rebonding. One of the side effects of hair rebonding is that you might catch an allergy. The ingredients used in the process of rebonding

Keratin Treatment for Hair – Should You Go for It?

Some myths regarding Keratin treatment busted 1. Keratin is a treatment only for women having curly hair. Fact: No. Keratin treatment can be carried out by any kind or texture of hair and concerns. It provides various benefits to the hair, keeps freeze away from the hair, and also reduces the styling time too. 2. One should avoid washing hair after the Keratin treatment. Fact: It depends on the type of treatment you have done. If the treatment is carried out by the hair experts, they would ask you to avoid washing for around 5 days. However, if you have

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Infant’s Skin Healthy!

The waiting period is now over. You now have your angel in your hands. Soon you would be at home with the newborn and might even get into a routine to look after him. But have you checked on the skin of your infant? Isn’t it too soft and gentle? Yes, the skin of the newborns is very fragile and sensitive due to which it needs additional care and nourishment. Their skin is quite prone to allergies and rashes if proper care is avoided. Their skin is quite delicate due to which using chemical-based detergents, soaps, creams, etc. needs to

Bone Health : How to Keep Your Bones and Joints Healthy and Strong?

Maintaining Healthy Bones and Joints Bones and joints are essential for the entire support system of our body. Keeping an eye on your bone health is important. They not only support your system but also provide a proper structure, anchors the muscles, stores calcium, and also protects the organs. However, they are widely neglected when it comes to healthcare. Yes, the bones need to be looked after from childhood itself. If proper care is taken during childhood and adolescence, it can lead to several bone and joint issues in the adult age like joint pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. Still, thinking

Depression and Psychological Treatment – Does It Actually Help?

Important Facts About Depression Depression is lightly taken by many people, however, it is an actual illness. It is an illness that matures from the biological and environmental issues that differ from one person to another. A human being suffering from depression suffers from garbling of thinking. Attempting suicide, harming oneself or someone else, etc. are some of the widely observed effects of depression. Another less-considered condition that is a part of depression is persistent irritability. Even if your close friend or family member is suffering from depression, there are high chances of you having depression too. Depression can be

Greasy Hair Home Remedies – How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair?

Does greasy hair irritate you? No matter even if you have just washed them, their dirty and sweaty look is surely going to steal your mood. Again, Summers, pollution, heat, dust particles, and much more add to the irritation of having such oily and dirty hair. No doubt, every kind of hair comes with mild to severe production of oil which keeps the hair healthy and nourished for protecting the scalp. But when the production exceeds the required levels, it leads to issues like seborrheic dermatitis. In this, the scalp turns out red, and scaly patches and dandruff are observed

Honey and Cinnamon Face Mask for Acne Free Skin!

Some Silly Myths About Acne 1. Following a poor diet leads to acne. Fact: No doubt, a well-balanced diet is much essential, but acne is not a condition that happens due to poor diet. Since we do not have any data concluded out of scientific research on this we can call it a myth. 2. When you see acne, spots, whiteheads or blackheads, popping them off is the best way to eliminate them from the face. Fact: This is not true. In fact if you squeeze the acne out, it can cause damage to your skin leaving it with scars

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps Fast?

People might be frustrated after shaving, as it may develop razor bumps. You may not focus on the other things due to the irritation of the bumps. These bumps even spoil your look and make you feel uncomfortable infront of others.Don’t worry! You are on the right path now. Here we have enclosed with certain home remedies on, how to get rid of razor bumps along with its causes and prevention. Just follow these steps to kick off your razor bumps and feel better. What is a Razor Bump? Razor bumps are the burns which are caused by inappropriate instruments