Beautiful Denim Shorts You Can Make At Home!

Denim shorts are one of the most trending outfits especially during summers. All the age groups regardless of gender are simply crazy about the stunning and cool denim shorts. For the party occasions, for beach vacations, for a stunning street look or just for a comfy casual look, you can carry the flawless denim shorts and look adorable! But coming to the whopping prices of the trendiest denims, very few would get able to empty the wallets for just a trendy pair of shorts!

The trendy and funky denim shorts which are different, unique and creatively designed under brands would simply get unaffordable for a lots of women. In such cases, you simply need to awaken your creativity and turn your jeans into miraculous funky denim shorts.  All of us have some old and useless denims in our wardrobes. Thus, here you will learn how to cut jeans into shorts and flaunt your style statement!

How To Cut Jeans Into Shorts?

1. Bow Pocket Denim Shorts

We love this adorable idea of the gracious and simply feminine bow pockets in the denims. This is one of the most stunning ideas which would make your denim shorts look iconic. Pretty bow pockets would simply enhance the look of those contemporary simple pockets and get you a funky refreshing twist for your denim shorts. Here is a simple process to give your favorite denim short a magical twist.

Things You Will Need-

Your denim shorts, pockets of an old denim sewing machine


  • Get the pockets of another denim jeans and cut it in a rectangle
  • Stitch this square piece on your pocket from corners
  • Bend the square piece slightly from the centre
  • Take a strip of a denim cloth and tie the square piece from the centre
  • Settle it as a bow with little folding and your denim bow pocket is ready!

This is a simple and cool way to turn your denim pockets into a redefining style stealer. If you have a sewing machine, the task can get completed in just a few minutes. Thus go for this amazing way to redefine your denim and look flawless!

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2. Beaded Denim Shorts

No doubt almost everyone loves those stunning embellished and beaded denim shorts which look extremely trendy and flawless.  Gone are the days we embellishments and beads were used for gracing the wedding gowns and high fashion party outfits. The beaded denims are rocking the trends this season and make the denim look extraordinary.  You can various beads, pearls, and diamonds in beautiful ways on your denim shorts. Frame your pocket borders with beads, get your shorts folded and studded with beads for a dazzling look! Here is a perfect way to add beads to your denim shorts!

Things You Would Need-

Beads, denim shorts, scissor, thread, needle


  • Get your denim shirts and cut the cuffs to make a ripped pattern.
  • Get different shaped beads, you can choose floral beads, normal circular beads and different patterns.
  • Frame you pockets while stitching these beads in a sequential order.
  • Get some random beads on your shorts and you’re done!

This is a stylish and cool embellished pattern which you can try and make your denim shorts look flawless. Visit the stores for some unique and dazzling beads while you can also choose some old earrings and neck pieces to get perfect beads. Try beautiful beads and embellishments to make it look more trendy and happening.

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3. Lace Hemmed Denim Shorts

Lace is a stunning fabric which can make the denims look more flattering and cool. The lace fabric can be attached with your denim shots in a very cool and creative way. You can try a stunning lace cutout, lace framing of the pockets and cuffs. This would simply make your denim shorts look more happening and stylish. Here is a cool way of adding lace to your denim shorts and flaunting it with grace!

Things You Will Need-

Denim shorts, strips of lace fabric, blades


  • Get your denim shorts and with a blade, rip the thigh area of the shorts.
  • Also rip the bottom or cuffs of the shorts.
  • Get a wide lace fabric strip.
  • Stitch the lace fabric inside the cuffs while a wider part of the lace hangs out.
  • You can also get a slit on the sides of your denim shorts and stitch some lace fabric to frame the cut out!

If you want a feminine and gracious denim short look, go for this lace addition and make your denim shorts look uniquely extraordinary! Nothing would look as miraculous and simply stylish as this beautifully created pair of denim shorts for sure.

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4. Flag Denim Shorts

The flab denim shorts are one of the trendiest options available to turn your jeans into a miraculous outfit. People are crazy and fanatic about various country flags and love to show it off on their denim shorts. You can have some simple dyes and turn your denim shorts beautifully stylish or can get a printed t-shirt and stick it on your shorts!

Things You Would Need-

Denim shorts, flag printed t-shirts, thread and needles


  • Get your denim shorts and flag printed t-shirt.
  • Cut the t-shirt as per the measurements of your denim shorts.
  • Stitch the trimmed t-shirt on your denim shorts and rip it from the cuffs.
  • Also you can paint the starts and strips on your denim shorts with fabric colors.

This is a cool and trendy way o incorporate some prints and cool flag designs in your denim shorts. Get some cool painted flags and brighten up the inner painter of you. Go for this simple style and make your denim shorts look awesome!

5. Printed And Long Fringed High Waited Denim Shorts

If you want a stylish and cool pair of denim shorts which, you can go for the classic high waist style which would never go wrong. The beautiful high waisted shorts with a long and adorable fringe would completely redefine your shorts and make them look trendy.  Tyr this super cool and funky way to make your denim shorts look iconic this season.

Things You Would Need-

Denim shorts or jeans, fabric colors, scissors


  • Get your old high waisted jeans and cut it into a pair of denim shorts.
  • Rip the shorts from the cuffs.
  • Get some long fringes and brush them up for a thick and voluminous effect.
  • Print some stars with a white shade of fabric colors.
  • Also you can rip the shorts from the sides for a more funky look.

This is one of the trendiest and classic styles you can follow for making your denim shorts look funkier. Try this super cool and refreshing printed pattern and make your denim shorts look flawless.

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6. Shredded And Chained Denim Shorts

If you love to look extraordinary with your creative styling hacks when it comes to clothing, this is an amazing option you can try. A flawless shredded chained denim shorts pair is something you would love to try! The shredded pattern looks flawless with some cool chains which can enhance the look of your denim shorts. If you want to look funky, cool and simply fashionable at a whole new level, go for this iconic pair of denim shorts, make them by yourself and flaunt your love for such amazing designs!

Things You Would Need-

Denim shorts or jeans, blade, chains, eyelets


There are several ways you use the chains. You can frame you pockets with the chain; you can shred the shorts and attach chain in the shredded areas, can use the chains as a gartner belt or can randomly attach the chain on the shorts

  • Get your denim shorts ripped and shredded with the blade.
  • Get some random holes in your denim shorts for hanging chains.
  • Press some eyelets over these holes.
  • Hang the chains in a v shape pattern and rock this super cool pair of denim shorts as never before!

This is a basic and cool idea of shredding and chaining your denim shorts. Yu can also try some amazing chained patterns while using different chains like golden silver and copper shaded chains and make the denim look flawless. Try this amazing way to fill your wardrobe with some iconic and trendy outfits!

Not all of us get time to awaken our creative sides and prepare something iconic. But sometimes, instead of spending a lot of amount on the trendy and branded outfits, you can try using your creativity and available elements to prepare something unique! This is a mere example of wonders you can do with your denim shorts, you can however apply this on numerous things which you think are costly and can be prepared more better than you! Stay creative and stay unique!

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