Important Tips On Breast Care During Pregnancy!

Every women dreams of becoming a mother. The period of pregnancy and later the strenuous labour will make her literally a ‘women’. She gives birth to a new life on earth. Her life which was with her husband and family now revolves around her kid. Her family gets complete after becoming a mother. But being mother is not as easy  writing about it. There are many problems faced by women during and post pregnancy, important being the breast changes. Most of the problems can be solved by following simple techniques from the pregnancy period. Here we bring you the tips on breast care during pregnancy.

Breast Care During Pregnancy

1. First Trimester

To achieve a successful breast feeding for your baby you must start caring your breast from the first month of pregnancy. Most common problem of breast during first month is Breast pain. The pains come and go suddenly for a definite period of time.

Breast pain

It is the most commonest problem arising in most of the females during the first month. This pain starts from the 5th-6th week of pregnancy. There is soreness, heaviness and breasts are tender to touch during the period. This may be due to the hormonal changes in the first trimester and due to breast leaks in later months. This pain lasts for 2-3 months then gets subsided in the later half of the pregnancy. You can manage this pain with below tips mentioned here.

1. Increased Water Intake –

Yes, water can be the great choice for reducing the pain in the breasts. Increased water intake helps in flushing out the excess of waste fluids from the body which can relieve you for quite a long time.

2. Physical Activity –

This is like diverting your mind off the breasts. Many females get bed rest for the breast pains which is absolutely useless in reducing the pain. But in reverse being active and making your self involved in small things can make you forget the pains. Light exercises like stretching out your arms can also gain strength for the breast muscles helping in decreased pain.

3. Decreased Salt Intake –

Cutting out salts from your daily diet can actually help in reducing your pain. Salt tend to retain water, this can makes breasts heavy causing pain. Low salt intake also helps in preventing the hypertension during pregnancy.

4. Heat Or Cold Fomentation –

This actually works in the pain reduction. Try applying both to know what is required to your body. Usually hot water fomentation is quite helpful in fluid accumulation in the breasts which may be the other cause for pain in the breasts.

5. Sports Bra –

Sports bra or any other non wired bra can help you reducing the pain by supporting them and keeping at one place. Always be sure to wear the comfortable clothing during pregnancy period this not only reduces the pain but also makes you feel light. Do not wear too tight bra or clothing around the chest during pregnancy. It affects the milk production.


2. Second Trimester

It is during the second trimester most of the body changes occur. The breast leaks, itching and dryness of the breast are the other most common symptoms during this period.

Breast Leaks

There is a thick cream colored fluid arising from the nipples during the second and last trimester of pregnancy. This may give rise to the breast pains occasionally. This may be due to the changes in the breast tissues and because of the production of colostrum in mammary ducts. Colostrum is the thick cream fluid which is necessary for the nourishment and immune development of the baby soon after the birth. This fluid sometimes collects and forms crusts which cause nipple sore and painful.

Tips To Manage Crusts-
  • Take some time out of your busy schedule for the care of your nipples. As breast feeding is the important task of the breasts and nipples it has to be maintained with great care.
  • Clean your nipples during bathing with a soft cloth and warm or cold water every day.
  • Do not apply the soap for cleaning the nipples as they may cause dryness and cracks.
  • Using nursing pads for the leaks which can prevent forming crusts and further pain and discomfort.
  • Squeeze in the fluid by massaging the breasts both clockwise and in the anti-clockwise direction regularly. This help in opening out the pores of the nipples. Massaging also helps in the blood circulation of the parts and help in easy milk production for the baby feeding.


Your breast, no actually all the body starts itching during the second trimester of pregnancy. As the skin stretches, the lines appear and become dry making you itch badly. Stretch marks also appear on the breast and abdomen too. Post pregnancy the stretch marks remains as scar giving a ugly cosmetic look.

Tips For Stretch Marks And Itching-
  • Regular use of vitamin E oil application or massaging of oil during the pregnancy can help in preventing the scars and itching.
  • Do not make a habit of scratching the parts which leads to the scar marks permanently.
  • If there is no available vitamin E oil then you can also apply olive oil for the same cause. Applying the oil not only reduces the stretch marks but also reduces the itch and the dryness caused by stretch marks.

Inverted Nipples

Females with inverted nipples actual face the breast feeding difficulties. Milk sucking can get difficult for the infants in case of inverted nipples. This has to be corrected during pregnancy by following the given tip. In case of extreme inverted nipples a small procedure to be done by the healthcare professionals.

Tips For Inverted Nipples-
  • Stretching of the nipples to be done regularly for several times a day for few months, this can help in taking out the nipples for the baby milk sucking.

3. Third Trimester

During the last three months of pregnancy great care to be taken for breast as it helps in the further milk production for the baby’s growth and development. During this period as such no much breast changes apart from increased fluid secretion and increase in the breast size and volume. It id during this time there is increased working of milk glands in production of milk.

Tips During Third Trimester

  • Wear the good and comfortable supporting bra’s for the good milk production. Get a set of maternity Bra’s at the last week of pregnancy which helps in both feeding the milk and supporting the breasts.
  • Clean and maintain the hygiene of the breasts and nipples every day. Do not let them dry and crack. If necessary apply any of the natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil or even petroleum jelly over the nipples for the crack.

Breast plays an important role in pregnancy and the lactation. To enjoy the motherhood to the fullest breast care during pregnancy is of utmost importance. Including calcium and iron foods judiciously in your diet can help in the milk production. The green leafy vegetables, jaggery, dry fruits, citrus fruits, dairy products, sea food, almonds, apples, melons and so on gives the extra nourishment to the developing fetus and the pregnant women.

Breast Care During Pregnancy
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