How To Buy Perfect Clothing For Yourself?

Meera was on a shopping spree with her friends. She wanted to buy a dress for her friend’s engagement party. At the mall, she liked one white dress as she liked the white colour. But since it was a halter neck, it didn’t suit her face. One of her friends suggested a red dress just because it was in fashion those days. Another friend suggested a cute and simple dress because it looked elegant. Now, Meera was in a complete fix!

You must have definitely envisioned yourself in Meera’s shoes. We easily get carried away by the recent fashion trends, our likes and dislikes, our friends’ likes and dislikes, the pattern or the colour of the dress. We do not assess whether the dress would suit our body type. Yes, we trial clothes in the changing room and select the dress within 5-10 seconds. And when we return home and wear it, we feel that the dress looks either clumsy at the sleeves or the colour doesn’t suit our skin tone.

Hence, we are bringing some of the important aspects to consider before buying a perfect dress for yourself for the right occasion. We buy numerous clothes and end up stuffing our closet with unnecessary ones that do not fit our body type or don’t look good on us. We say to some clothes, ‘I will wear you when I will be slim and slender’ and it just remains in the closet for years.

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So, these are the points to consider before going on a shopping trip to the nearest mall.

Important Tips To Buy Perfect Clothing

1. Purpose of Shopping

Even if it sounds formal and artificial, you need to have a concrete purpose for shopping. Are you shopping a dress, a alwar-kameez, an evening gown, a skirt or formal wear or tops? Are you shopping for an occasion or for regular wear? Now, women tend to shop without a reason. May be you are just shopping randomly so that you can wear it in future. In that case, you need to take care that the shopped items do not occupy your closet and you wear them often.

For instance, if you bought a top while shopping randomly, you should immediately determine the occasion on which you can wear it comfortably and confidently. Mere buying stuff because it looks attractive on display is not a sufficient reason to shop!

2. Budget

This is another aspect to be considered for shopping. You are required to fix a specific amount of budget for shopping. This will avoid spending thousands of bucks and saving them. You can explore the range of clothes that are within your shopping budget. You can decide the place of shopping on the basis of your budget too. If you are visiting a speciality store, then you can inform the vendor about your budget beforehand so that he shows you the best clothes within your budget range.

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3. Shopping Venue

Place of shopping is the third important element. If you have a tight budget, then one can even try street shopping. Street shopping has its pros and cons. You will get a wide variety in latest fashion trends at reasonable prices. But you won’t get an option to try clothes and check its quality. In case your budget is good, then it is better to go for specialty stores or malls. You can check with various brands and find your perfect range of clothes. If you go on weekdays, then you can shop peacefully rather on weekends when you have to wait for long.

Online shopping is an increasing shopping trend where you have to be careful and alert. You need to shop for the right size. You do not have the option of trying clothes, or checking its colour or fabric.

4. Assess Your Body Type

Before heading for a shopping trip, it is essential to evaluate your body shape.  Assessing your body shape helps in seeking following advantages.

  • You can shop for better fitted clothing.
  • You can enhance your body shape with the perfect clothing.
  • You can understand your body variations to try different clothing patterns.
  • You can enhance the positive elements of your body shape.
  • You feel more confident, and focused with the right clothes.
  • You can make suitable choices when you on a shopping trip. There are lesser chances of confusion.

5. Assess Your Skin Colour

You can determine your skin colour in different skin tones such as fair, wheatish, dusky, or dark. Along with skin colour, you should also assess colour of your hair, lips and eyes to make appropriate choices of clothing. Let us take an example. A lady having fair complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. She can wear a brown top, beige pant and brown-blue neckpiece to maintain personal colours. A lady wearing a green top can apply green-coloured or blue-coloured kajal to enhance face. Your aim should be to maintain appropriate colour harmony in your clothing, makeup and accessories in alignment with your personal colours. Assessing your colour tone helps in seeking following benefits.

  • You will understand which colour suit and enhance yourself.
  • You can mix different colours and introduce a new dressing style.
  • You feel confident when you wear favourite and best suited colours.
  • You will know which colours do not suit you at all.

6. Current Fashion Trends

It is true that women should follow the latest fashion trends. If a woman is wearing a 1980-styled frock in these days, then it won’t fit the occasion at all. However, one should also know whether the recent fashion style suits your body shape or not. For instance, if a short and plump woman wears a palazzo and a long kurta, then she might look frumpy and stout. On the other hand, if a tall and slim woman wears the same dress, then it will enhance her personality. A short women can definitely try long dresses and a denim jacket which is in trend these days.

7. No Same Style of Clothes Or Colours

Your wardrobe should not comprise of the same styled clothes or colours. For instance, if you look good and confident in polo T-shirts, then you should not buy the complete range of polo T-shirts in different colours. Your wardrobe should not consist of uniform-styled clothes. The same rule applies to colours. If you know that green suits your skin tone, then you should not have all tops, skirts and dresses of green tone. Maintain a variety of patterns, styles, and colours in your wardrobe, according to your body shape and personal aspects.

8. Choosing Accessories

Along with a perfect dress, you also have to choose accessories properly. For this purpose, it is necessary to evaluate your face shape. Evaluation of face shape helps in getting the perfect hairstyle, accessories such as eye-frames and neckpieces. You should not end up buying the accessories which catches your attention. You should select the most appropriate one that suits your dress and also your face shape. Even a stole or a scarf should be chosen in harmony with your skin colour. It must be tied depending upon your face shape.

Thus, before checking the range of clothing and accessories at the shops and mall, also do a quick research on yourself. You need to check your body shape, colour and face shape to select the most appropriate clothing. Additionally, you need to evaluate your existing collection of clothes in the wardrobe to avoid repetition.

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