Escalate Your Sense of Fashion with Simple Tips!

A simple accessory can transform your entire look, hence it is necessary to choose the right thing that would enhance your entire look and make your stand out in the crowd. Fashion is something that should make you feel comfortable in your own skin. It is a reflection of your personality and the mood that you carry for the day. A simple change in the way you dress can bring changes in the way you look- be it a simple haircut or the changes in your wardrobe. So, change your wardrobe for enhancing your ultra-stylish avatar.

Here in this write-up, we have shared some of the tips that would help you escalate your fashion sense and think out-of-the-box when it comes to dressing up. Take a read through the length of the article to get an idea of all the tips that would help you to enhance your fashion knowledge.

Know How to Style Better and Make Yourself Stand Out

1. Roll up the sleeves for a stylish look

Denim shirts or buttoned shirts at large look the best when you fold up the sleeves. So, the next time you are planning to wear one, try the rolled up sleeves look to at the ultra chic factor to your outfit.

2. Belt it up

Belts can add up the style quotient of a simple outfit and enhance your look in an instant. You can even choose to convert a long scarf into a top with the help of the belt. It is one accessory which can make your entire look edgy and refined. Gone are the days when belts were just used for holding up your bottoms, today you can even use them for Tunics and Outerwear and make them look extraordinary. You can even avail the belts in coloured leather and sizes these days, so you have a plethora of choices for this accessory as well.

The real purpose of Fashion is to make you look stylish yet comfortable. If you are unconfident of your attire, you should not wear it at all!

3. Play with the Stripes

If you haven’t tried the combination look of vertical and horizontal stripes, then you should definitely do it for once. Go for a solid coloured dress which has these patterns for the top and bottom in order to crack this look for you.

4. Go for an all white ensemble

Whites are so in these days and an all white outfit can bring a huge change if you are going for it. Choose different fabrics, designs and cuts in the white and accessorise the dress with quirky jewellery and bright lips. In the same way, you can even choose to wear an all-denim look with chambray and capes.

5. Mix and match different prints

Try out something fresh and mix different kinds of prints while picking up your top and bottoms. For example, you can choose to wear polka dot prints with checks or florals or you can combine geometric prints with florals.

6. Choose bags according to your outfit

Always make sure that you carry the right kind of bag with the outfit that would be wearing. During casual days, you can choose to get hold of the bucket bags or totes etc. Clutches go best with most of the evening outfits. Moreover, you can even try out the bucket bags which are a big hit this season.

7. Wear boots for a strong look

Winters are the best time wear boots. There are several kinds of boots available in various sizes as well. Choose the one that would go with your outfit for the day. For casual wear, just tuck in the boots in the jeans and you would be good to go. Always wear socks under your boots to keep your feet and cosy throughout the day.

8. Combine sequins with basics

As sequins tend to be shimmery, they are mostly worn for the night time events only. If you wish to wear them for the day outfit, then you can choose to wear them with jackets and shrugs which are neutral in colour. Do not go with too bold colours when you are wearing sequins as it would look way too flashy. Wear a simple white shirt and combine it with a sequined blazer or jacket. Moreover, it is not necessary that your entire jacket must be sequined, just a little detailing on the collar or the lapel would also do.

9. Add a statement necklace piece with the turtleneck

A simple turtleneck shirt can be converted into a statement piece by adding an accessory such as a quirky neck piece. Check out the length of the piece that you are wearing, it should preferably belong. Opt for a colourful neck piece that would look great over a one-coloured turtleneck tee.

10. Know how to wear scarves differently

A simple element such as a scarf can change your entire outfit look. So, you must know the different ways of wearing one. There are several styles from which you can choose from such as the French knot, Double Sided Twisted knot, Muffler, Neck-wrap and various others. Go for the one that would go well with your look and try out different styles every time. Moreover, scarves are available in different fabrics such as cashmere, faux fur, plaid, etc., select the one according to the weather.

11. Opt for a differently patterned collar

These days, peter pan collars with laces are gaining attraction in the fashion industry. Spice them up with laces or bejeweled pieces to turn a simple shirt into a quirky one. Collars with leather trims, floral patterns and tartan prints are also favoured by the avant-garde fashion enthusiasts. Go for this look if you are up with this trend.

Incorporate the tips mentioned above to transform your daily look and you will be showered with praises for your dressing sense. It is also important to carry yourself well with the dress that you are wearing and walk with confidence. Also, get your hairstyle correct and choose the one that would go well with what you choose to wear. So, head out for the day with your head held high and brighten it up with your fashion sense.

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