Top Fashion Mistakes Committed by Youth Today!

Fashion is a reflection of your personality and individuality. It is something which is unique to you and should be given an equal focus so as to make you stand out from the rest. But there are even times when the youth tends to commit some serious fashion mistakes without even realising which can largely affect how they are perceived.

Dressing up shabbily is not cool as most of the youngsters think it as a trend. Clothes should make you look smart and confident instead of degrading your personality hence you should always buy the ones that look the best on your body type instead of just for the sake of branding. With this article, we have thrown some light on the major fashion blunders which have been seen among the young people and would suggest you some exclusive advice on how to dress up smartly.

Reading this article would make you come to know what should be avoided and what should be taken care of while you are planning to wear clothes according to a certain event or occasion.

Ten Common Fashion Blunders Seen Among the Youngsters

1. Wearing socks with sandals

This is most common and easily visual blunder which most of the people commit. Never commit this mistake again as socks go well only with the shoes; wearing them with the sandals might appear slight uneasy to the eyes. So, now you know where you are going wrong!

2. Going way too much with the brands

Most of us tend to stick to a particular brand as we feel connected to it. However, do not always just go with the prominent brands; firstly see the quality of the fabric, fitting of the clothes and only choose what is necessary with a certain dress. A statement Watch sometimes does more than the pieces of jewellery so be open to experimenting with the different styles.

3. Mismatching the accessories

Never wear tacky accessories as this might look somewhat absurd. Keep them minimal and classy and avoid something that is way too much shimmery for the day look. At times, it is enough to wear just a neckpiece instead of the earrings so choose the right accessory accordingly.

4. Choose the fabric and clothes according to the place and occasion

Each place has a dress code which needs to be followed. Select sturdy and fitted fabrics while you are the office and avoid wearing flashy and flimsy ones. Girls should avoid wearing sheer fabric clothes while at the office as it is somewhat inappropriate. On casual days, you can wear whatever you feel like but you should know how to carry it well. Moreover, while at the office try to keep it formal or even semi-formal on certain days.

5. Buying the same size clothes every single time

Instead of going by the size, one must rather take care of how it is looking on your body. Pay more attention towards the fitting and the look. Moreover, check out the various sizes as each brand has a different criterion for measuring the clothes.

6. Avoiding mixing prints

Prints when mixed and matched enhance the entire look and presence of your clothes. So, be ready for experimenting and combining the motifs such as florals with stripes or polka dots etc. Mixing the prints will elevate your ordinary look to a street-style one in an instant. Try this out and go with what suits you the best.

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7. Wearing sequins just for the night look

Sequins are quite shimmery and are often worn during the night events, but don’t be mistaken on that part. Pair them with a simple white shirt or a black blazer or skirt for the day look. A slight detailing of sequins on the blazer lapel can enhance your look. Therefore, avoid thinking that sequins are just for the night time and enhance your day look the very next time with this look.

8. Wearing tight clothes inappropriately

There is no issue in wearing sleeveless clothes and broad neck shirts but only do so if you have the right body type. Instead of appearing flashy you must know how to carry yourself well in whatever you are wearing. It is a misconception that wearing clothes which show off the skin would make you appear more appealing. It is how you present yourself in whatever you wear truly matters.

9. Avoiding wearing denim on denim

You can always combine different shades of denim fabric to enhance your casual look. For example, a dark part of denim bottoms would look good under a light chambray shirt. Denim are a bloom for every season, so feel free to experiment and mix and match the different denim pieces to bring out a new look.

10. Not changing the hairstyle for long

Many girls prefer long hair and avoid experimenting with the different styles and cuts which can actually give them a makeover. If you still want to keep the hair long, then make sure to trim them regularly to avoid split ends and dizzy hair. Shabby hair does not look good, so shampoo them twice in a week to keep the hair clean as they are exposed to a lot of pollution these days. For those who are up with the short hair trend, go for something that would suit your face type. It is always better to ask and take suggestions from the hairdresser as to what would look the best on you.

It is alright to go wrong at times, as you never know that you might become a fashion icon because of that. But, most of the times you must learn from the fashion blunders you make and so not repeat them the very next time. Also, keep yourself up-to-date about the latest trends and styles and apply them whenever you feel like. We hope that with this article you must have realised the most common fashion mistakes that the youth commit without even noticing it.

Stay stylish and stay you!

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