Get Trendy With Quick Hairstyle in Vogue!

Ready with your outfits and accessories for a special day! But have you thought how would you make your hair?

Yes, just as the outfits matter, the hairstyles also have an important role in the dressing of the women. Dressing up without a perfectly suitable hairstyle would surely create blunders for your appearance. Women generally keep on thinking for something different for their hair to give their face a new look. however, the daily routine and the hectic work hours don’t permit them to give appropriate time to their hair. As a result, you have to go with a similar look every time you step out.

Don’t worry! Today, we shall go through several amazing hairstyles which would give you a stunning look with in few minutes. Yes, 10 minutes and you are out of your home with a flawless look.

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair is quite in trend these days, especially for the college teens. The short hair is easily manageable and are the prime choice for the working women also. Another plus point of the short hair is that once they are styled in a particular look, they would never leave that texture and hence, can easily be carried. They give you a sensual look with less tangles to save your time. so why not give them a new style! Here are few quick hairstyles for short hair.

1. Simple Bridal Updo

This hairstyle forms a lower bun at the lower portion of your head. The small bun is the prime choice for women in summers. It can also be decorated with floral accessories for marriages. The updo is selected by many brides for small marriage functions too.

  • To make the updo, separate the top section of your hair and tie it with a tiny hair band. Make sure you gather all the hair above your ears.
  • Take the remaining hair and make a lower ponytail.
  • Now take the end of the ponytail and help to pass by the center of the top section of the hair. Pass it above the elastic.
  • Pin it for a proper grip. And leave for your work.

2. Romantic Bob Length Updo

This hairstyle is perfect for the women with short and straight hair. However, the straight hair can also be curled for a different and cozy look especially over long gowns.

  • Take a comb and backcomb the crown portion of your head.
  • Span the hair to a deep side part. Now grab the odd sections and pin them at the below portion of the neck as well as on the top.
  • In case there are some hair curls which don’t get pin up, curl them and place it on the side of the face. Merely three steps and you are ready with a lovely hair look.

3. French Braid Hair Knot

This hairstyle is widely adopted by working women. The hairstyle remains steady throughout the day for a sophisticated look. It is an uncomplicated hairstyle which hardly consumes your time in the rush hours.

  • The hairstyle can be made by simply tying knots from the top.
  • Take few strains from the front and start making knots. As you go down, make further knots locking them.
  • When you reach down, fix the ends in the inner side with the help of bobby pins for a perfect grip.

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4. Twisted Crown Updo

This simple hairstyle gives a crown look from the front side. It also gives a proper judgement to the short hair with a gorgeous yet quick to make hairstyle. The look can be carried for occasions and for a formal appearance to offices too.

  • To make the first twist, comb your hair backward and straight. Take a small portion of the front making a small strand.
  • Twist the strand and take it back. Tuck the strand with the help of hairpin.
  • Similarly, make other strands and pin them combing your hair in the same way.
  • Leave the remaining hair on the side shoulder by brushing them.
  • You can add beads to the strand or use fancy pins to lock the strands.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium hair is considered the best for getting any hairstyle. Give them playful curls or merely straight strands, they would always adore you with a classic, funky, modern or flirty look for any occasion or formal look. Another plus point of the hair is that with a minimum hair accessory, it decorates your hair as a crown on your head. Here are few quick hairstyles for medium hair.

1. Braided Fishtail

Braids have always given a cute appearance to any kind of hair. Here, the braid is designed to a lovely fishtail which would give you medium hair look short and captivating. The design is widely carried for weddings and for sensual dates.

  • Make a deep part of the hair on the side. Pounce the remaining hair to the other side.
  • If you wish, you can tease your front hair for a heighted look.
  • Gather all the sided hair and form a ponytail on the side using your hands.
  • Start making braids till you reach at the end. Tight the end with an elastic band.
  • You can curl the end to give a finishing touch.

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2. Low and Behold Ponytail

Love wearing ponytails in different styles! Then surely you would be loving this hairstyle. It hardly takes few minutes to make this look, yet, it is eye-catching. It is lovely to be carried for wedding functions or merely on casuals. Women also prefer it for the official look as it is easy to re-make if got messy.

  • Initiate by sprinkling some hairspray on your hair.
  • Take few strips of your hair and comb it back side to make a crown.
  • Use a boar bristle brush and comb your backcombed hair to make it smooth.
  • With the help of your fingers, gather all your hair at the lower side of your neck.
  • Gather all your hair forming a ponytail and tie it with a small rubber band.
  • Using an iron machine, you can curl the ends of your hair giving him a pretty texture with volume.
  • Use a hairspray to keep the hair loose and steady.

3. Soft-Pinned Back Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks charming for both long and medium hair. it also gives a new bounce to your hair with a high bun. It is best suitable for women with small faces. The hairstyle can give a casual look proper verdict.

  • For dry hair, spray a hairspray containing thermal protectant.
  • Separate the fringe and smooth it using a comb.
  • Create inwards or outwards curls as per your choice using curling iron machine.
  • Take the top hair and form a crown height using backcomb.
  • Smooth the crown using a tiny brush.
  • Take hair from the side and the top and shape them making a bouffant.
  • Tuck up the bouffant using appropriate pins.
  • Re-shape the cute curls giving an exquisite look.

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4. A Ballerina Bun

Making a ballerina bun is the task which needs utmost dedication. If the bun is made too tight or carried too high, it may look too infantile. It leaves you neck free from hair and hence, is relatively loved for summers. It gives the thin hair an ideal donut look.

  • To make the bun, make a ponytail in the center of the head. Make sure it’s not too high or too low. Leave some hair strand with a side look for making a braid.
  • Now start making the braid. Take a thin strain from the pony while knitting the braid.
  • Go in a circular design making the braid while you take small strains from the pony till you finish on the top again.
  • Pin up the end of the braid using hairpins.

Hairstyle for Long Hair

Although the short and medium hair has remained the favorite for the women, there are still some who love having long hair. Though they have limited hairstyles, they still carry a fairly look when put on. Do you think it’s hectic to make hairstyles for long hair! Here are few meek and hasty hairstyles which will allow you to leave your place in few a short span of time.

1. Half Braid

Love putting braids in your hairstyle! Try this hairstyle which includes a combined braid leaving your hair half open and half braided. It is a hair look widely carried for routine or classic functions.

  • To make the hairstyle, simply remove few strands of hair from the front of both sides.
  • Make braids and bring them to the center with equal length.
  • Lock up both the braids and combine them forming a single braid in the center.
  • Tie the end of the braid to make it steady. There you are with a sweet hairstyle.

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2. High Ponytail

Ponytails are loved by the college teens for an endearing look. The high ponytail looks loveable on women with thin hair. it is highly recommended to women who have a flat face cut. You can also add a pouf on the center or merely tie a high ponytail.

  • To make the ponytail, remove some hair from the center portion and backcomb them to make a messy pouf.
  • Using your fingers, smooth the pouf and gather all the hair to the top of your head in the center.
  • Use a tight hairband to tie the hair.
  • For the front untied hair, you can curl them or merely leave them straight to cover your face.

3. Half Up Half Down Bridal Hairstyle

For the women with long hair and slight curves in it, this hairstyle gives a delightful appearance. The hairstyle is the prime choice for brides attending small functions. Women having step or layers cut to get an appealing look in this hairstyle.

  • Comb your hair straight backward. Make sure you remove all the tangles.
  • Take a portion from the side above the ear. Similarly, take another portion from the other side.
  • Twist both the strands and bring them in the center.
  • Mix them firmly using tight hairpins.
  • Comb the remaining hair straight which would remain locked in the tied strand.
  • You can also leave a few light hairs to form a bun above, or give a centered line etc. for a new look.

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4. Flower Braid

The flower braid is a hairstyle which can be given different decorations through hairpins, accessories or hair color shades. The hair style is given a slightly messy look which is quite in trend. Though it may look difficult, it is quite simple to make within a given time.

  • Take few hair strands from both the sides of your head. They should be parallel to the temples. Bring the strands together and form a small ponytail from it using a small tight rubber band.
  • Now using the pony, make a braid till the end of the hair.
  • Tug the braid in a circular way and tuck the ends using a hair pin.
  • Pull out gently the braid’s outer hair part to give a look of the petals.
  • You can use a hair color to give the flower a different shade.
  • Comb the rest hair straight.


The hairstyles whether carried on small, medium or long hair, when given a firm accessory would give you an unconventional look for the whole day. Currently, the messy hairstyles are more preferred by the women for a diverse look. The messy buns, messy ponytails, messy pouf etc. are the best to tie for the official women for giving both a corporate and modish look.

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