How To Choose A Perfect Haircut And Accessories For Yourself?

When makeup and attire fail to do their jobs, a nice haircut does the miracle. You must have noticed that when you have a nice haircut at an expensive salon, everyone compliments you genuinely. A haircut styles feels you refreshed and cheerful, provided you are in the hands of a skilled hair expert.

Similarly, accessories such as eyeglasses, neckpieces and earrings flatter your face and overall personality when styled in correct fashion. But choosing a perfect haircut and accessories depends on your face shape.

Face shapes are of various types:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Long
  • Rectangle
  • Heart-shaped
  • Triangle
  • Inverted triangle

How To Determine Face Shape?

  • It is a challenging task to study your face shape. This is because you may think from one side that your face is square, but the other side of your face might be oval. Hence, you can take help from an expert or a friend who knows about face shapes.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and tie your hair in a bun. Remove all accessories such as hair clips and earrings as it will camouflage your face shape. Draw a line with a chalk on your mirror or jot dots on the mirror of as your face reflects on it. While drawing your face shape, you are not supposed to smile or laugh or make other face. Be as still as possible.
  • If you are visiting a hair expert in a reputed salon, then she might be able to tell you about your face shape.

Now, let us discuss which haircut or accessories you need to choose according to your face shape.

Haircut Styles According To Your Face Shape

1. Oval-Shaped Face

  • This is the most ideal face shape. If you have this kind of shape, then you are lucky as most hairstyles and haircuts look flattering on you. It depends entirely on you which accessories or eye frames or collar types you can pick up. If you are tired of the stereotypical ‘U’ cuts, then get your hair cut in long feathers falling straight or in outward direction. You can also have a side fringe.

Now, if your face shape is not oval, do not get disheartened because we have some tips by which you can flatter your face. You can pick your accessories to make your face look round or long.

2. Round-Shaped Face

  • If you have round face shape, then remember that you have to bring the attention from the rounded edges of your face to the centre. You can have your hair falling on the outer edges of your face. Keep your hair loose on special occasions and avoid tying it up. You can even have a layer cut with the shortest layer till your mouth. Do not cut your hair short as it will make the roundness prominent. Remember to cover cheek line. Diagonal bangs will also do the job.
  • You need to wear long hangings so that it draws attention from your cheeks. You can pick long neckpieces. Rectangular eye frames will suit you. Do not pick the round ones as the pattern will get repeated. V-shaped and angular necklines will work. Do not pick round neck t-shirts as it will make you look frumpy.

3. Square-Shaped Face

  • Comparing our face shapes with the geometrical figures appears to be amusing. But do not take it literally by measuring the length and the breadth of your face. In square-shaped face, you may have a long or pointed chin. If your forehead and jawline are strong, then you can call your face as square-shaped. Soft curly hair or long feather cuts are best suitable for your face shape. Do not pull back your hair or get a blunt cut.
  • You should select soft and long neckpieces and jewellery. Open collared tops or V-shaped t-shirts will suit you. You can pick up the aviator-shaped or oval eye frames for yourself and look cool!

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4. Long Face

  • Now, the emphasis should be in making your face look less long. You can get curls or layers around the face. Do not straighten your long hair as it will emphasize your long face. You should keep the front hair short and long hair at the back. If you have a large forehead, then cover it with bangs.
  • Now, you should not pick up long earrings or neckpieces. You should look for square-shaped, or horizontal-shaped neckpieces. Round earrings will suit as it will distract your attention from your face. You need to choose wide open collared tops, shaped in rectangular or squared designs. Similarly, square-shaped or oval-shaped eyeglasses will look nice on you.

5. Rectangle-Shaped Face

  • If the jawline and forehead are equally strong, and both the sides of faces are also equally bold, then you have a rectangular face. You should look for covering your cheeks with layers or soft curls. You can have bangs on your forehead.
  • Rounded designed jewellery with suit you. Similarly, rounded eye frames or oval-shaped eye frames will be better options. Don’t pick tops with narrowly scooped necklines. Go for horizontal or square shaped ones. Aviators will look nice on you.

6. Heart-Shaped Face

  • This kind of face could be a combination of one or two types. For instance, your face could be heart-shaped at the forehead and wide at the jaws. Hence, you need to study your face carefully. If your forehead is wide, then you can have a fringe. A layer cut or a blunt cut will suit you the most.
  • You need to pick up long neckpieces. Tiny studs or long hangings will look better than heavy designs. Almost all type of necklines will suit you. If you have a tiny forehead, pick up broad eyeglasses.

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7. Triangular-Shaped Face

  • If you have a narrow forehead and a wider jawline, then you have a triangular-faced shape. You need to cover your jawline to make it look narrower. Hence, you can cut your hair in curls or long waves for covering it. Medium length hair will suit you.
  • Long neckpieces, small studs, and long hangings will cover your jawline and draw attention from it. Do not opt for heavy designed jewellery. V or U-shaped necklines are appropriate. While choosing eye frames, look for oval or aviator ones.

8. Inverted Triangular-Shaped Face

  • If your forehead is broad and jawline is narrow, then your face shape is of inverted triangle. You can have a long side fringe to cover your wide forehead. Diagonal bangs are the best for your face shape.
  • Rounded designs or square-shaped jewellery will be most appropriate for you. Similarly, rounded collars or necklines, and rectangular and square-shaped necklines will suit you. You can pick aviators or oval shaped eyeglasses. As your forehead is wide, you need to avoid wider frames. Even cat eye-shaped glasses will look good on you.

Thus, if you know how to get a proper haircut and appropriate jewellery according to your face shape, you can look great. Simply adoring and imitating your favourite celebrity or actress does not suffice. You need to determine what will look best on you and get it right!

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