How to Buy the Best Summer Footwear for Yourself?

Summer demands to you wear the most breathable fabric be it in clothes or footwear. Your feet are bound to sweat in the summer months while wearing shoes and it is essential for you to choose the right pair so that they do not end up with bad odour, blisters, or even bacterial infection. It is often recommended to wear open footwear as much as possible so that they do not sweat often and get enough exposure to air.

Moreover, with your clothing wardrobe, your shoes also need the right makeover this summer and therefore we have come up with this write-up to help you make the right choices. Here you will get to know how to choose the right kind of footwear that are stylish and filled with summery feels. We would be emphasising on Loafers most and we thought them to the best choice for this summer as they fulfill all the check marks when it comes to style, comfortability, affordability and sophistication at the same time. Be it men or women – both of them can embrace these shoes.

Know how to choose the right pair of loafers for you

Below are some style tips and everything that you would want to know about the loafers and how to select the best ones for yourself. Get a detailed view on the various kinds of footwear by going through the length of this write-up.

1. Learn about the different types of loafers

Yes, loafers do have types and to bring them to your notice here are its various styles. Take a quick look at them –

Penny loafers

The most classic of all, this style of the loafers has a leather strap over the top of the shoe in addition to a diamond-shaped slot. The best part is that it can be worn with almost every kind of outfit which shoes it’s versatility while pairing with different clothing attire.

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Tassle loafers

Tassel loafers have somewhat a long history which extends to the 1950s. The idea behind the experimentation of this style was to come up with something similar to the classic oxford and thus the tassle was used as an element of decoration. These look the best with tailored shorts, chinos or even blazers.

Snaffle loafers

The famous Gucci store is said to be the birthplace of this kind of loafer. It is usually worn with formal outfits and has a golden brass strap which is in the shape of a horse’s snaffle.

Apron loafers

The distinguishing feature of these kinds of loafer are the visible stitches which finish at the front of the toe area and form an apron like shape.

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Formal pump

As the name suggests, the formal pumps are usually black in colour with a shiny leather and a low vamp. To complement it, a detail in the form of a bow made of grosgrain is provided at the front of the shoe.

The Slipper Style

This loafer style is mainly fabricated in velvet fabric and has a little higher vamp and a minimal design. Moreover, to you can add monograms or emblems and crests to give a personal detailing to the shoe. Presently, you can even avail them in canvas or linen fabric apart from the traditional velvet ones which would be the best option for the summer season.

Choosing the right fabric and occasion

You will need to decide if you would be wearing the loafer at the formal or informal occasion and thus you should decide about the quality of its leather as well. Choose something that would last longer and can absorb excess sweat and are comfortable as well. In addition to this, choose dark and polished colours for the professional look.

While on the other hand, if you are going to wear on them informal occasions, then you can opt from a variety of colours or even prints. Choose the loafers in a pale shape and soft leather especially for the summers. Loafers look really cool with denim or khaki pants, so make sure the length of your trousers is correct and does not overshadow the look of your shoes. Indeed, it will look more fashionable and stylish and will add a cool look in your appearance.

Ditch wearing socks

Loafers are available in a larger number of colours and shades and thus you are left with a plethora of options to wear them with different outfits. Moreover, while the summer season is up, you can always wear them without socks so as to avoid your feet from sweating up. Moreover, an alternative option is to sprinkle some talcum powder so as to avoid your shoes from getting ruined due to bad odour and wet feet.

Get them customised according to your preference

To give a personal touch to your shoes you can get them engraved with initials of your name, or add some embroidery pieces. In such a case, choose the material, style and colour of the shoe and get them assembled so as to get them designed in the way that you want. For more customisation options you can always check the online stores for further details and product description or get them tailor made from a good shoe-making company.

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Opt for a slightly larger size

It is imperative for your feet to swell during the summer season due to excess sweating and as a result, you might end up getting blisters or bad odour. So, it is always advised to choose half a size bigger so as to avoid such a circumstance. Moreover, if the material of your shoe is stretchable and take the shape of feet, then there is no need for a choosing a bigger size.

Hope we were able to clear your doubts regarding the buying of summer footwear. Since loafers can be worn at both casual and formal events, they are the best choice when you do not want to spend much on the footwear and would want them to be a rough and tough selection which can prove to be versatile for various occasions. So, embrace your favourite footwear this summer season and get ready for some style adventures.

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