How to Choose the Right Homecoming Dress That Suits Your Body?

Before we move into the nitty-gritties of the selection of Homecoming Dresses, lets have a brief look at the Homecoming Event.

Homecoming is a Welcoming of Graduated Students

Unlike the promenade night, Homecoming involves welcoming back the high school batch which has already graduated. Primarily celebrated in the American, Canadian, and Philippians schools annually, the event spreads over for an entire week and has mainly two major highlights which include the homecoming football game and the dance which is usually followed after it.

Spirit Week’ as they commonly call it, is divided into multiple themed activities for every single day where students need to actively participate and show their skills. Moreover, when it comes to the sports match, there is a pep rally just before it where the entire school accumulates to cheer their favourite teams. Apart from this, the Homecoming Court is an integral part of this event where the schools organise elections for the selection of Homecoming King and Homecoming Queen who are then chosen on the basis of popular votes.

When it comes to the homecoming dance, it is usually an informal event where the organising school invites a DJ or band to behold the occasion. However, the attire to a homecoming event is semi-formal as compared to the prom where girls can be seen in casual dresses and boys in tucked in shirt with pants.

How to Select That Perfect Homecoming Dress?

Here we come to the main subject of this article – Selection tips for Homecoming Dress!

Selecting a perfect homecoming dress might prove a hectic task for anyone and it might take quite a lot of time to decide what would be the perfect fit for the day. Listed below are some points which might prove useful while prepping you up for the event. Read further to get an idea about what to wear if you are still confused –

Choose the right length and cut

Full-length gowns are so not recommended for the homecoming dance night and so it is preferable to go for knee-length dresses. Opt for cuts which are free flowing and allow comfortable dancing and easy movement. If you are into tulle skirts or ruffles, then go for it as they are sleek and fit well for such an occasion.

Select the right colour, pattern and fabric

Homecoming is a September or late October event which usually marks the season of autumn. Hence, bright colours or summery hues and patterns are strictly not recommended. Go for dark colours instead or metallic tones, whites and colours which revolve around this palette. Brocade dresses can also prove to be a good choice as they have a youthful appeal to them.

Opt for a dress with your personal aesthetic

Choices can largely vary, but it is your personal touch which reflects your personality the most. Be it floral dresses, ones with patterned necklines, the clean hem dress, or maybe even tulle and ruffles, etc., your homecoming dress should be able to reflect your personality, so always choose it wisely.

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Carry a shrug or a shawl

Carry a shrug or a shawl as a complementary piece of cloth. An overdose of shimmery attire is never a good option. Also, carry shrug or shawl to cover your shoulders if sleeveless dresses are not allowed. Always carry an overcoat in case the night might give you some serious chills.

Dress according to your body type

Here are some tips that would aid you in choosing a perfect dress according to your body type –

  1. Petite figure: If you are around 5 feet tall, then you have a petite figure and to suit this body shape, the best option is to choose a mini dress with a short hem which would make your legs look longer.
  2. Apple Shaped figure: Slim legs, shorter waist and excess weight in the middle are the signs of an Apple shaped figure. And thus, an empire waist dress or an A-line full dress would suit such body types the best.
  3. Slender Figure: Slender figure as the name suggests are the ones with a thin body frame throughout. To enhance your physique, you can opt for a fitted dress with an empire waist, asymmetric necklines, or you can accessorise it with a belt.
  4. Hourglass Figure: If you are under this category of body type, then your upper body is balanced with the length of your legs and for enhancing such personality open and v-shaped necklines, accentuated waistlines and wrap dresses can be the sure shot option.
  5. Pear Shaped Figure: Pear shaped body types are a bit slender along the waist and have weight in the hip and bust portions. For such body types, an open neck dress which is well-fitted or a strapless top and an A-line skirt can do wonders to highlight your personality.
  6. Busty Figure: Such body types have a heavy upper body and narrow lower body, and to suit this body shape you can select a dress which a hemline which is not too short.
  7. Accessorise according to the dress: For short heights, it is always recommended to wearing heels or wedges. If you have chosen to wear an open neck dress, then you can adorn it with a statement necklace. Never over-accessorise and try to keep it elegant and classy with signature jewellery pieces.
  8. Coordinate with your partner: You and your homecoming partner can choose to wear complementary colours if you are up with this idea. Decide on your colour preferences and select your dress accordingly.
  9. Opt for colours which go with your skin tone: Make sure that the colour that you have chosen for the dress goes well with your skin tone. You can experiment with the colours and opt for the different shades of the same palette to bring some uniqueness instead of just going with the traditional colours.
  10. Add a quotient for perfect hair and makeup: Curls and free-flowing waves have always been the top trends at the homecoming parties. You too can choose a sleek and wavy look for your hair. Also, let the makeup be natural and not too flashy.

Even after reading all these tips above, if you still can’t decide what would be the best option for you then you can always go with the idea of Little Black Dress(LBD) as it a classic for every event and season. Hopefully, your dress decisions might not cause much problem after going through this write-up.

Have a great homecoming experience!

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