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Imagine a short, delicate and slim girl wearing layered clothes that are making her look bulky and over-dressed. Immediately, you will remark in your mind, “It doesn’t suit her body type.” We all look different and hence, our body types are also different. We need to dress up and accessorize according to our body type and not according to what others wear. So let’s move further to know more about how to dress for your body type.

We dress for various reasons. The basic reason is to cover our body for protecting it. Another reason is to feel attractive and confident. However, one can gain confidence by dressing smartly and which suits their body type and shape.

Before we move ahead to dressing tips, dos and don’ts of dressing as per body type, let us first understand how to determine your body type. You need to stand in front of the mirror wearing minimal clothes and study carefully. Are your legs long and slender? Or you have short legs and a long torso? Or your body is slim, sleek and slender and that’s the reason people call you skinny. Evaluate it carefully and note down it immediately. You can take opinions of friends and others, but do not completely rely on them.

Please note that while observing yourself in the mirror, do not picture the best body shape of yourself. Note down your current body sizes and dress accordingly. The next thing is while going shopping, do not get tempted by the latest fashion trends. Avoid shopping just because the dress is attractive or looks good on your friend. Remember what suits your body. It is actually wearing side-blinds while shopping and concentrating on what you need and what suits you.

We have defines three body types for your reference. You have to evaluate your body sizes and decide in which type you fit into.

How to Dress for Your Body Type?

1. Slim and Slender Body Type

Yes, most of the women dream of having their body into this type. Obviously, you need to take concrete efforts and adopt certain lifestyle decisions for gaining a slim body. Some are born with such an attractive body.

However, women who are gifted with this body type should not layer too many clothes and appear bulky. You have to style yourself so that you elevate your excellent body features.

Follow These –

  • If you wear frilled tops and dresses, particular around your neck, you will look nice. You can browse online fashion stores to find frilled tops and dresses. You can find the cute ones that will enhance your look.
  • If you want to wear tops and dresses having pleats, then make sure that they are found below the bust line. This is because it will enhance your personality and make you taller and fuller.
  • You can wear loose tops. For instance, loose denim shirts will look cool on you. Add it with a tight denim trouser or skirt. Do not wear baggy jeans or trouser on a loose top.
  • If you want to wear skirts, then choose those that end at the length of your calves. Even fitted knee skirts will look because of your gorgeous body type.
  • Buying trousers seems daunting to you. Don’t worry, Go for straight-legged ones to look taller.
  • If you are wearing baggy cargo or a capris, then style it with a tight t-shirt.
  • Try wearing single colours for your clothes, belt and shoes. You will look taller.
  • Wearing stylish and slim belts with add an enchanting look. When you wear black coloured shirt and trouser, add a red colour slim belt. It will look nice.
  • While shopping jackets, go for well-fitted ones that end at the waist.
  • Choose lingerie appropriately that do not make your more slim.

Avoid These –

  • Do not wear fitted pants and fitted shirts.
  • Do not wear heavy jewellery as your delicate facial features will get concealed.
  • Do not carry heavy and big handbags as they divert attention from your face to it.

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2. Short Legs And Long Torso Body Type

Here, you should stress on wearing clothes that make your legs look slender and longer. You have to be careful while choosing bottom wear as you do not want your legs to appear shorter and bulky. By following certain tips, you can easily enhance your fuller upper part and make your legs look longer.

Follow These –

  • High-waist trousers, skirts and jeans would actually look good. So do not worry whether low-waist is in fashion or not.
  • Wear short tops, waistcoats and jackets that end till the length of your waist. Tops ending below the waistline will make you look bulky at the top.
  • Apply this strategy. When you wear short skirts, add with long tops or shirts. When you wear long skirts, wear short tops or shirts.
  • Crop your trousers or jeans till ankle length so that the fabric doesn’t gather at the bottom, making you look short.
  • If you want to style your outfit with a belt, wear it high waist. Use a medium or big belt.

Avoid These –

  • As said earlier, avoid wearing tops that end below the waistline or hips. Similarly, tuck in your shirts with a high-waisted trouser.
  • Do not wear capris, cargo or bottoms with dark colours.
  • Do not wear boot cut trousers.

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3. Long Legs And Short Torso Body Type

Here, you should dress so that your torso looks longer. However, you have to keep in mind that slim and slender legs are plus points of your body type. Hence, you have to enhance your long legs to make them look beautiful.

Follow  These –

  • Tops with scooped necklines will look good. Even V-neck T-shirts are better.
  • If your tops have a border or a nice design at the bottom part, then it is an added advantage.
  • Empire-line dresses or tops are also alternative choices.
  • Wear low-waist skirts, trousers and jeans for enhancing your long legs.
  • If you wearing skirts, longer or shorter, pair it with long tops.
  • While shopping trousers, go for boot cut or straight-legged ones.

Avoid These –

  • Horizontal stripes are a no-no.
  • Even turtle-neck or polo neck T-shirts won’t look good on you. Better to avoid these.
  • Do not wear high-waisted skirts, trousers or jeans that will make your torso shorter.
  • Broad or wide belts won’t look nice.

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4. Greater Than XL Sizes

These women have a problem of finding outfits of perfect sizes. They even complain that either they don’t get their favourite outfits in their sizes or all outfits don’t look on them. Though weight loss is an appropriate remedy for solving dressing problem, we also have certain tips for them to follow. You can apply these dos and don’ts and look confident and nice.

Follow These –

  • You can browse through special XL stores that offer you with the required sizes. You will also find a variety in these clothes.
  • If you are not satisfied with the readymade outfits, you should find an expert tailor who will stitch the best-sized clothes for you. Make sure you stick to your tailor and not keep shuffling.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Add beautiful accessories that will divert attention from your bulky figure to your face.
  • You may also use a lock such as big neckpiece or an eyewear that will grab attention of viewers. Even a trendy jacket can do the miracle.
  • Select and wear that best suits you and not which is in fashion. If you are tall and heavy, then wear palazzos and long If you are short and plump, then wear maxis, long dresses and long skirt paired with accessories.

Avoid These –

  • Do not get carried away with the recent fashion trends.
  • Do not shop for clothes without trying them.
  • Do not wear delicate accessories or tiny studs that won’t can be seen.
  • You may use big handbags or clutches.

If you are shopping online, then you have to check for the specifications of clothes. Read carefully whether the trouser is high-waisted or low-waisted, or whether the top is ending at hips or waist, or whether the accessories is heavy or delicate. Do not get mesmerized by the colours. The models wearing the clothes are of the desired body type. Hence, that particular top or dress looks good on her. But when you shop, you have to visualize whether it will look good on you or not. Online shopping can be lucky at times when the outfit turns out to be as expected. It can also be a disaster if you are expecting too much and ignoring the specifications section.

It is also necessary that women should not get disheartened with their body types. They need to love themselves and emphasize on highlighting their positive features. Every woman is beautiful. She just needs to know what suits her best.

Thus, shopping is not mere an add-to-cart story. There is more to it. You have to evaluate your body type before going for a shopping. Prepare a list accordingly. Try on clothes after clothes till it suits your body type and colour. And then only, add them to your shopping cart and pay the bill.

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