How to Remain Lit Up for Your Upcoming Prom?

Prom is the ultimate graduation party and one of the important events for the high school students which mark the new beginnings and gives a kick start to their adult life. It is a day that everyone in the school days awaits desperately. Be it a girl or a boy, Prom Night is the a special occasion!

You want to look at your best in your Prom Party. One needs to start the preparations way before the actual day in terms of the dress selection, picking up the right footwear and the choosing the right make-up and hair style. Well, the dressing-up areas are many and therefore, we have come up with this write-up to help you know about the tips which can lit you up for your upcoming Prom.

Tips and Tricks to Look Your Best On the Prom Night

Below are some of the areas where you need to work upon and look gorgeous at the prom event. Take a read through them to know –

1. Work with your smile and brighten it up

Use a whitening toothpaste weeks before the prom night so that it removes the stains and protects your teeth from yellowing. Make sure you brush twice daily and avoid beverages such as coffee, tea, and soda which can lead to tooth decay. Also, be regular with the mouth wash so as to avoid bad breath.

2. Keep your skin moisturizer handy

As girls would preferably be wearing a gown and their hands would be exposed hence it is essential to prevent the skin from getting dry. Start treating your arms and face with remedies that would help in moisturizing the skin. Make sure you regularly apply a night cream before going to the bed so that the skin remains fresh when you wake up in the morning. Also, include a fruit diet in your daily routine to get that natural glowing skin.

3. Choose the perfect nail art

If you fancy about appealing nail arts then you can go for on definitely. Choose the one that would go well with your dress and add a little glitter as you would be going in a night party. Search out the magazines and the Internet to get an idea about various designs ranging 3D to geometric ones. Select the right nail part that would go well with your dress.

4. Protect your hair from getting messy

Girls can choose the hairspray to keep their hairdo tact and ensure to carry bobby pins in case you feel your hair are about to get messed up. Get a hair spa or a nice haircut if you wish to look a little different on the prom night. You can even look out various updo ideas from the Internet which match with your outfit and your face type.

5. Cover up a pimple with foundation

Now it comes to skin care! Pimples can prove to be a disaster in case the prom night is getting close by. So, use Ice which is the best remedy to get rid of an unwanted pimple. Using freezing water with eye drops can act as a great combination and reduce the redness and irritation on the skin.

6. Get rid of the tan

Tanned skin looks somewhat unattended and unhealthy. Such skin is so not in vogue when you are going to attend a party, and so take up the necessary steps to get rid of it as soon as possible. There are several home remedies such as using Lemon juice or applying Fuller’s Earth on the affected portion to rid of the unnecessary sun tan. Moreover, baking soda when used with lime juice can prove to be an effective exfoliant when scrubbed on the skin.

7. Incorporate eyeshadow tricks that experts use

Using cream shadow instead of the powder can give the right texture to the eyes and make them look richer. Moreover, applying concealer or a translucent powder under the eyes can make you appear appealing which can enhance your overlook outlook along with the dress and footwear. Consult an expert in the salon if you feel the need and take away some tips or you can always read from the Internet or the fashion magazines to know about the latest trends in eye makeup.

8. Pencil out your eyebrows

For girls with thin eyebrows, the best way to make them appear lush and beautiful is to highlight them with an eyebrow pencil. But ensure that you do not overdo that part as it will make them look artificial. Strong brows are so in the trend so you should definitely try that out for yourself.

9. Apply foundation till the ears

Dance parties such as the Prom can give you a perfect warm up which can redden your ears. You can avoid this circumstance if you apply the right amount of foundation on your skin and spread it towards the end of your ears.

Almost all the students want to make sure that their prom night happens to be the most memorable one as it marks the end of your tenure at the high school. Adding a little glitz and glam can lit you up throughout the night and can make you look the most glamorous self. Don’t forget to use the important tips given above to make the most of your of prom night.

Have a memorable one!

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