College Fashion : Look Stylish Everyday At College With These Fun Tricks!

College years are meant to fun and quite a time you need to be serious about your careers as well, as this is the time when you would step out of the comfort zone and become independent individuals. However, on the go, the students also feel the need to dress up well as they do not intend to look shabby and have to create an impression on the teachers as well.

So, for such times, we have brought you this write up to get a know-how to dress up really stylishly and that too within a set budget because as a student you are always conscious about spending your money. College fashion is very tricky at times since it depends upon many factors like individual budget, etc. Students are mostly dependant upon their parents for their expenses during college days. Hence, mixing and matching clothes will save you from buying new clothes every now and then and yet it would make you stay away from looking stylish.

Learn about the College Fashion Tips to Look Stylish while You are a Student

Read the tips below to know how you can ace the college look without spending much and yet look the most stylish among the crowd –

1. Carry a Simple Outfit with a Scarf

A scarf can make a simple outfit look pretty exceptional. If you are wearing a simple tee, you can always carry that off well with a printed scarf as it would enhance the look. Moreover, there are several styles in which you can tie it up so as to give it a different appeal altogether.  From florals, geometric or animal prints, there are several options available for you to choose from.You can carry off this look during winters and summers as well, so it is always reliable with simple outfits.

2. Have Different Styles of Footwear

College life is highly active and you need to participate in one activity or the other to keep you socially engaged. From your sporting events, casual days to the occasional parties that the college organises, you need to have the right footwear for each of these events. Be it the sports shoes, stilettos, sneakers or flats, you need to have at least one pair of each to go with each of these occasions. Also, for winters you can also choose to experiment with leather boots as they do look completely chic with woollens and long coats.

3. Experiment with Hairstyles 

A hairstyle can change your entire look altogether, hence you should be easy with experimenting with it. Today, it doesn’t matter if you have long, short or medium length hair; you just need to know some fun hairstyles that will transform your look altogether. You can go for different braid styles or either the bob which is making trends these days. You can even use various hair accessories such as quirky clutches or headbands to add to your style quotient.

4. Carry Different Styles of Bags According to the Outfit You are Wearing

There are a plethora of choices among bags available these days and you can always carry a different one every single day. From totes, backpacks clutch to sling bags, you can pull off your everyday outfit with these amazing styles of bags. Not only this, you can choose your bags in different pop colours which will add a different appeal to your entire look altogether. Accessories do make you stand out, and with bags, you can never go wrong.

5. Checks are Always a Highlight

You can never go wrong with chequered shirts as they always make you stylish in one way or the other. From ginghams to small and broad checks, there are various kinds with which you can experiment. Pair the checks with fitted or boyfriend jeans along with sneakers and your outfit are ready. Also, when it comes to the hairstyle with this look, leave your hair loose or tie them into a high bun. When it comes to accessories, wear a wristwatch with a leather strap and carry a tote or a backpack.

6. Be Minimal with the Makeup

You should look natural when it comes to the college look, hence never go loud with your makeup as this is not recommended. Keep it simple with a kohl, mascara and an eyeliner. And yes, there are lip balms available in the market these days that leave the colour just like the lipsticks, so you can use any one of them for your college. Make sure you moisturise your skin well and do not leave out without a sunscreen. Avoid applying foundation, or concealer as you are not leaving for a party and rather just a casual day at college. Also, wear a good smell to complete this part.

7. Keep a Set of Graphic and Logo Tees

Graphic tees will save you from the day when you are confused about your look.  There are several prints available ranging from 3-D, your favourite superheroes and quotes and above all, these do not cost you much as other outfits. So, keep a good number of such tees in your wardrobe and pair them up with a backpack, wrist watch, sneakers and whichever casual hairstyle that you want and you would be ready with the outfit. You can always wear them with your favourite jeans, hence you will never end up looking unstylish with this outfit.

8. Keep a Pair of Formal for Official Days

Of course, there are days when you have to wear a formal outfit and hence you should be ready with a formal shirt and well-fitted pants to get ahead with the day. Also, your shoes should be formal i.e., either go with the stilettos or ballet flats.

The college-friendly dressing isn’t a tricky part as all you need to do is to assemble the desired outfit and you would be good to go. You just don’t have to buy an entirely new outfit every single time and instead should know how to mix and match stuff that would look great on you. After reading this blog, you might have gained some insight as to how you should dress up and ace the college look.

So, keep yourself stylish and head out with confidence!

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