Smart Dressing and Accessorizing Tips Every Girl Must Know!

We all know how to dress for the right occasion. In this smart world of smart phones and smart apps, let us learn certain smart tips for dressing and accessorizing. Here, you don’t have to grab your wallet and go for a shopping spree but make use of the available clothes in your closet smartly and rightly.

You will feel confident and attractive when you will apply these smart tips in your lifestyle. When you go for shopping next time, make sure that you implement few of these. We have divided the smart tips into two parts: Dressing and making right use of accessories.


Tips for Dressing

1. While Shopping

  • Do not shop clothes that are too smaller or too larger than you. You will look frumpy when you wear over-sized or under-sized clothing. Hence, keep trying clothes till you find the best fitted ones.
  • Choose carefully when selecting a striped T-shirt.
  • When you go for shopping, do not forget to try out clothes that are in fashion. This will help you to decide and plan your next shopping trip.

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2. Ethnic Wear

  • Some ladies do not prefer to wear Anarkali dresses because of their broad waist. At certain cases, you can get your outfit stitched and get the dress fitted down the ribcage. This way your stomach will get concealed without showing any bulges and you will look gorgeous in your outfit.

3. Accessories

  • Instead of wearing matched accessories according to your outfit colour, go for a striking combination. You can always have a dash of some colours. Even neon colours are in trends and you could have it in your outfits. You can even mix black, brown and blue colours while choosing accessories.
  • If you want to cover your flabby arms and shoulders, then go for a shrug. It will divert your attention from your arms to your top. You could choose from a variety of styles and lengths. For example, if you are wearing a full-sleeved t-shirt, then you can downplay your arms by adding a T-back shrug over it. The look automatically changes.

4. Know Yourself

  • Always determine your body shape, face shape and personal colours before going for shopping. Remember our body shape or face shape may change in case of weight gain or loss.

5. Wear Light Tones

  • Dark colours look better during winter and monsoon season. During summer, go for pastel shades and lighter colours. It will refresh your mood and help in absorption of light.
  • Dark coloured suits are must for formal occasions. But if you do not like wearing dark colour all the day, wear a light pink or blue shirt and a bright coloured scarf. This outfit will elevate your mood throughout the day.

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6. Tailor Your Outfits

  • If you want to wear formal trousers, then get it tailored. When you stand barefoot, your hem should touch the ground.
  • Instead of wearing a cropped jeans, wear an ankle-length one to highlight your long legs. Even if your legs are short, your curves will get accentuated.
  • Never wear an ill-fitted skirt or trouser. If you are wearing a belt to tighten your trouser, then you need to visit the tailor to get it fitted.
  • Have you gained weight and finding it difficult to fasten the trouser buttons? Then simply use a button extender. Even pregnant women can use it to wear their old trousers and bottoms.

7. Conceal The Flaws

  • Oftentimes, when you wear knee-length skirts or dresses, you would like to flaunt your neatly waxed legs. Dab a little foundation on your legs to look smooth and supple. The skin tone will also look even and clear from any blemishes. Thus, even if your knees are darkened, you could add extra foundation on it.
  • While wearing skirt or trousers and trying to sit, run your hands along the back of the skirt or trouser to avoid creases when you get up. Even when you raise, smooth the skirt or trousers in a delicate manner.

8. Cleaning Tips

  • Never wear worn out clothes or over-used ones. The collars of your shirts must always be clean. If you think that your hair are concealing stained shirt collars, then remember only you can’t see it. Others can easily view the collar.
  • Buy at least three to four types of white shirts. This is because white clothes get dirty or faded quickly. Wash your white coloured clothes separately.
  • If you find dust, dirt or pet hair on your clothes, then use a lint roll or lint brush.

9. Clothes Clustering

  • Use smart methods such as clothes clustering to build and expand your wardrobe. It is a simple method by which you can create different outfits out of a set of clothing and accessories.

Smart Tips To Use Accessories

1. Go Simple

  • Do not overdo your outfit with all the accessories you have. Even earrings and a nice ring can enhance yourself.
  • In case you are wearing big earrings, then do not wear neckpiece. In case your neckpiece is large, then use small studs.
  • Short women should avoid wearing chokers.
  • Similarly, if you are wearing a big bracelet, do not overdo with a ring. A big ring is enough even if you are not wearing a bracelet.
  • Ethnic dresses are mostly overly embroidered or embellished. Most of the women have a tendency to wear bangles, or big earrings even on such dresses. Avoid this practice. Go for diamond studs or pearl studs and a delicate ring and a bracelet. It will highlight the beauty of your sari or ethnic outfit.

2. Wrist Watch

  • If you are more of a watch-person, then wear it as per the occasion. Use classy watch for a formal occasion. If you don’t like wearing bracelets or rings, then a funky watch will always work in a party or informal occasion.

3. Stoles And Scarves

  • Learn to wear a scarf or stole in different ways. A fake knot works on formal shirts. Even a neck wrap will look great under a blazer. For informal occasions, European loop works.

4. Handbags

  • Your handbag must also consist of the essentials. For instance, lip balms, credit card, money, face wipes, and a compact, if needed.
  • The colour of your handbag must not clash with that of the belt or the shoes. Keep this rule in mind while shopping handbags.

5. Shoes And Socks

  • It is advised to shop shoes late in the evening. Wear your shoes at least once before the desired occasion. You would not like to have blisters or swollen feet on the special day.
  • Store your shoes in boxes and do not keep them loose. This will help in maintaining the shape of the shoes and avoid wastage of time while finding them.
  • Instead of using high heels and feeling uncomfortable, opt for platform heals.
  • In case you are likely to suffer from blisters due to new shoes, then always carry Band-Aids during emergencies.
  • Care for your feet often. Go for a pedicure once a month. Similarly, clean your shoes and footwear regularly to avoid dust and dirt accumulating. It will help your footwear last for a longer period of time.
  • Always wear clean socks. Do not wear tight fitted clothes as it will make you feel uneasy. You may even get marks on your legs.
  • Do not wear torn socks.

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So, we are sure these smart tips will help you in selecting and wearing the right apparel and accessories. You do not require huge budget or a brand new collection of clothes to look stylish and attractive. You just need to apply a little logic while dressing up.

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