College Fashion : 7 Style Tips for College Going Girls!

College life is the time when you are growing up and need the grooming lessons to develop your personality and style. The clothes that you wear do play a major role in the same. Hence, it is advised to be aware of yourself as much as you are regarding the building of your career and academics. Furthermore, if you want to get your doubts cleared as to how you should dress effectively while in college, then this write-up is rightfully meant for you.

Here, you would be able to grasp an idea as to how and what you should include in your wardrobe so as to keep it stylish and out-of-the-box. The budget dressing is what most of the girls prefer while in college; you will get all the information regarding this and also how to mix and match the clothes to appear stylish every day.

Learn How to Dress Up Stylishly While in College

Here are some of the tips with which you can stay stylish while still look like a college-goer. Read through the points below to know more on the same:

1. Go for Graphic Tees and Logos on Casual Days

Since you are going to a college and not a fashion show, you should keep your attire simple yet fashionable, yet do not go too much tacky on that part. For the casual days, you can always buy tees with graphics and prints that are appealing and would look super fashionable. Go for bright colours and pair them with slim fitted jeans and sneakers, and you should surely carry off the look well. From your favourite television show characters to your favourite inspirational quotes, there is everything available in the stores these days. Choose the one according to your interest but do not go for something that wouldn’t match the ethics of your college.

2. Keep a Handful of Collared Shirts for Formal Events

There are a plethora of times when you are required to wear formal dresses such as during conferences, group presentations, job interviews etc., so also ensure that you at least two formal dresses handy with you. You can opt for well-fitted pants, shirts and blazer and go for formal flats or heels along with the dress.

3. Keep Different Bags for Various Occasions

From backpacks, totes to bucket bags clutched and others, there are a plenty of options available when it comes to bags. You should have one for different occasions so that you can keep your whereabouts easily. It is usually the backpack that you carry the most during the lectures, hence keep a version or two of the same to use them alternatively. Choose bright and fun colours if you prefer to go offbeat.

4. Experiment with Scarves and Stoles

With simple shirts, you can always wear printed stoles and scarves to enhance your dressing sense. There are various different styles of wearing a scarf which can actually give an altogether different look to what you wear. Opt for different prints and styles and keep the colour of your stole or scarf in contrast with what you are wearing and it would give an altogether different appeal. Also, do not forget to carry off this look with a leather handbag and sunglasses. While in footwear it depends entirely on you if you wish to wear heels or go for simple flats.

5. Checks are Always in the Entire Season

Gingham style checks are greatly favoured by almost every single girl. Moreover, there are several contrasting colours in which you can avail these check shirts. Apart from these smaller and broad checks are also available in stores, you can always choose the ones according to your preference. Wearing checks will always be in trend and for all seasons as they are super stylish and comfortable at the same. Make sure you have one of these in your wardrobe so that you can pair it with fitted jeans along with sneakers or espadrilles and head out with a completely stylish outfit.

6. Get Your Hairstyle Done

It entirely depends on you if you wish to keep the pixie haircut or go for something in layers or waves. Colouring your hair in bold colours will create a slight bad impression on your senior authorities, hence go for something subtle that would look absurd and would look decent on you. Keep your hair trimmed and healthy by giving them a regular haircut and avoid shabby looks. Proper dressing is essential from head to toe as you need to look smart and not someone who is lanky and doesn’t have basic mannerisms of dressing well.  Moreover, girls with long hair have plenty of choices when it comes to tying up your hair in braids and buns. High buns seem to be a great hit among the girls these days as they keep you away from sweat during summers and make you appear equally stylish during winters when you wear long coats or sweaters.

7. Keep the Right Pair of Shoes

Again, you need to have shoes for different occasions hence always keep one pair of different styles so that you have footwear that would go well with every single outfit that you have. From flats, espadrilles, stilettos in nude and black as these colours go well with almost every outfit, sneaker, etc., you must each one of these essentials so that you do not have to look up for something every single time on important occasion. Also, if not many, select footwear in colours that would normally go well with everything that you wear and try to mix and match your outfit. Moreover, ensure that you always wear casual shoes along with socks as it is the proper way of wearing them.

Staying stylish during the college without spending much every single time requires a little bit of smartness. Hope these tips might have given you some idea as to how you should dress yourself up and become a style diva and stand out in the crowd during your college days. Incorporate and remember these points in might and you’ll never go wrong with your dressing sense.

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