Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Prom Dress?

Prom night is probably one of the most crucial nights for any girl who is stepping into the adulthood. It is a time when one is leaving the high school life, and entering into the world with more responsibilities. Selecting that perfect dress for the prom which would enhance your personality is the most difficult part, as it involves a lot of time to choose that one piece that would make you stand out from the rest.

Girls often get confused as to what would suit them the best so that can show their glamorous side on this important day. And for that, here are a few tips and tricks which would help you during your shopping period for that perfect prom dress.

Tips on Selecting the Right Prom Dress

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1. Plan to purchase your dress weeks before the final night

Purchasing things in a hassle is never a great plan so make sure you have already set aside your budget and the places where you can shop for your prom dress. You never know if you would require some alternations, so it is better to give yourself some to finalise what would suit you and your pocket that would look the best on you. Moreover, there are other things which you need to purchase as well such as the right accessories which would go well with your dress along with the perfect pair of shoes, and all this would require a plenty of time. So, ensure that you buy the required stuff well before time.

2. Check out the fabrics for your dress

If you love experimenting with the fabric, then the best options available to you are in the form of silk, tulle, satin, chiffon, lace and velvet. You can choose any one out of these according to your budget and the fabric you feel comfortable in. Also, make sure you get the perfect cuts and shape for your dress as that these are the most important things that need to be taken care of while selecting a prom dress.

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3. Choose a dress according to your body type

There are mainly five body types which have been recognised and so you need to choose the right dress accordingly to bring out the best in you. Here they go as follows –

  • Petite Figure: Girls with petite figures are usually 5 feet tall, and the best option available to them is to choose a mini dress with a short hem so that it would make your legs look longer.
  • Apple Shaped Figure: An empire waist dress or an A-line full dress would suit such body types the best as girls which such a shape generally have slim legs, shorter waist and excess weight in the middle.
  • Slender Figure: As the name suggests, girls with slender figure have a thin body frame throughout. And therefore, to enhance your physique, you can go for a fitted dress which has an empire waist, asymmetric necklines, or you can even accessorise it with a belt.
  • Hourglass Figure: Girls, who fall under this category of body type, usually have their upper body balanced with the length of their legs. The dress that would suit such a body type the best must have open or v-shaped necklines and accentuated waistlines. You can even choose the wrap dress if that is what you would feel comfortable in.
  • Pear Shaped Figure: When it comes to the pear-shaped body types, girls with this figure are a bit slender along the waist and have weight in the hip and bust portions. The perfect choice for such a figure would be an open neck dress which is well-fitted or a strapless top and an A-line skirt can do wonders to highlight your personality
  • Busty Figure: Girls with such a body type have a heavy upper body and narrow lower body. Dresses which have slightly short hemline suit this shape very well.

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4. Take inspiration from the Internet and fashion magazines

If you are planning to get your dress customised, then all you need to do is to check out the plethora of dress options which you can find on the Internet and magazines. Digital technology has made it easy to search and select out the necessary things without going anywhere, and so you should take opportunity out of it too. Know about the different cuts, fabrics, and designs which are in the current trend and choose the one that you feel is the best one for you.

5. Never go beyond the guidelines that have been prescribed by the school

Most of the schools issue guidelines about the dress code which need to be followed while making a dress selection. If it is advised to avoid certain cuts and ensure the length of the dress, then you should obey to it sincerely. Remember, senior authorities of the school are always present during the prom night, and you would never want to leave the school premises by creating a bad impression on them. Therefore, do not break the dress code rules in this case.

6. Choose the shoes and other accessories after you have purchased the dress

Make sure you go for the shoe shopping only after you have finalised your prom dress as it might create blunders. Be it stilettos, wedges or the ballet shoes; try them on along with the dress before purchasing. Also, do not over accessorise and go with the natural look as you are going to a high school party and not the casual one with your friends or family. Since it is a night party, you can go with dark colours and a bit shimmery makeup, but not too much.

7. Check out the hairstyle that would match your prom dress

After all the purchasing, you need to start considering the hair style that would perfectly go with your attire. You can choose the classic wavy curls or go with updos according to your preference. Take help from a professional or search out the hairstyles over the Internet and opt for the one which you feel would enhance your face area, and of course the complete look.

Selecting the perfect prom dress can prove to be a hectic task at times, but keeping these tips in mind, you would be able to make a smart and quick choice.

Have a great prom experience.

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