Top Fashion Disasters and How to Avoid Them?

Fashion disasters can happen with anyone however, it is easier to combat this issue if you are well aware of the common issues faced while dressing up and how they can be avoided with slight care.

In this write up we have discussed some tips and tricks to avoid the fashion blunders that most of you usually commit. Avoid these to stay attentive about your fashion choices and preventing yourself from creating blunders every single time.

Major Fashion Disasters and How to Prevent Them from Happening?

Here is the list of the top major mistakes committed by the people in general and can be avoided if taken care in mind every single time. Read through the points below to know more on the same:

1. Never Wear Socks Along With Sandals

Many people commit this mistake without even realizing it. This is probably the most common blunder which is easily noticeable. Always keep in mind to never make this mistake again as socks should only be worn with the shoes. If you wear them with the sandals then they might appear slightly absurd. Well, now you know about the sock wearing technique!

2. Always Running After the Brands

It is a natural tendency for the people to go with a certain brand as they feel comfortable about it. However, it is recommended not to just go with the prominent labels always and rather check the quality of the fabric, and the fitting and then only select something that looks best on them. Never run after what celebrities are wearing and choose the clothes that suit your body type perfectly.

3. Mismatching Various Accessories

Tacky pieces of accessories look somewhat absurd and should never be a part of your wardrobe. Whenever you wear them, always make sure to the look minimal and class apart. Also, make sure to avoid wearing something that would be way too much shimmery for your day outfit. There are times when it is more than enough to wear just a neckpiece instead of other pieces of jewellery in addition to it hence, always choose the right kind of accessory with your outfit.

4. Choose the Right Fabric and Clothes According to an Occasion

Every place and occasion have a certain dress code so that you do not look awkward if you wear the wrong outfit at a wrong place. Always make sure to select well-fitted fabrics and clothes while you working at an office and should not include wearing flashy and loose ones. When it comes to the outfits for ladies, you should prevent wearing sheer fabric clothes while at the office as they seem slightly inappropriate for that place. While on the casual occasions, you can always choose to wear anything you feel comfortable in, but always ensure that you carry them really well. Lastly, while you are at the office, always try to keep your outfit formal or semi-formal as it is alright for certain days.

5. Purchasing the Same Size Clothes Every Single Time

Never go by the size of the outfit, and rather try and figure out how it looks on your body. You should always pay more attention towards the overall fitting and the way that a certain outfit enhances your outlook. In addition to this, check out the various sizes as almost every label has a different measuring size for clothes.

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6. Not Experimenting with Mixing Prints

You should avoid paying heed to the myth that mixing and matching prints creates blunders and does not enhance the entire look. Feel free to experimenting and layering different motifs such as floral prints with either long stripes or polka dots and many others. Doing so with the prints will boost your ordinary look to a more fashionable one in an instant. So, try this technique out and always choose what suits you the best.

7. Keeping the Misconception that Sequins Can Only be Worn for the Night Look

Sequins might be slightly flashy and are most worn for the evening outfits, but you shouldn’t be mistaken that is the only case. You can always use them with a simple white shirt or a black blazer for the day look. Avoid the misconception that sequins are just for the night time and you can wear them whenever you want to.

8. Unable to Carry Off the Tight Clothes Gracefully

Sleeveless clothes and broad neck shirts can look good only when you know how to carry these outfits well. You need to have the right body type to carry off these outfits as they do not appear good on the flabby skin. Instead, you would end up looking way too absurd. Also, carrying yourself well with whatever you are wearing should be your first priority.

9. Getting Sceptical About Wearing Denim Over Denim

Here is the trick, you need to combine different types and shades of denim cloth material to completely change your casual look. For instance, wear a dark coloured denim bottom with a light coloured chambray shirt as these colours complement each other well. Denim are always a trend for almost every season, so you can never go wrong with the same and always mix and match the different denim styles to create an entirely new look.

10. Avoiding Getting a Haircut for Long

Many girls feel shy about experimenting with different hairstyles and avoid taking a risk in this case. In such cases, you should always ask the expert for a sound advice as he/she can always assure you that you are doing the right thing for yourself. Haircut boosts your entire look and makes you more elegant and highlights the important features on your face. Hence, once in every five to six months make sure to get a nice haircut that would suit your face type. Also, you can get your hair coloured if you feel quirky enough to take that step.

We hope that with these above-mentioned tips you might have grasped some idea as to how you should dress up and avoid making blunders which can lead you to face awkwardness among the common public. Follow these easy steps and you would be able to ace your fashion sense.

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