Top Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Women

Plus sized women have always been facing clothing issues, but fortunately, the times are changing and there have been transformations in the clothing patterns. Today, clothes are not just about skinny and thin people, designers have started recognising the potential market in plus-size clothing and have made things available this category of people as well. The way you carry your clothes and the styles you choose to play a major role in transforming how you look.

You don’t have to worry if you have put on a lot of weight, all you need is to be a little careful when it comes to the kind of clothes that you wear. Here, in this blog, we have discussed some of the tips that will help you to gain some insight into plus-size clothing and how you can carry yourself really well despite your weight.

Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Women

Learn how you can transform yourself into a plus-size diva by abiding by these styling tips mentioned below. Read them to know what measures you need to take to hide those extra inches and look fabulous at the same time –

1. Choose Darker Shades in Clothing

We are not saying that your wardrobe should be filled with just dark coloured clothes. But, at times, such as when you have to attend social gatherings, you would want to look slightly properly dressed. So, for those situations, always have a dress or two in black, dark red, navy or blue colours. Doing so is recommended because darker colours tend to absorb light faster and thus in return they make you appear slimmer. When it comes to accessorising, go for long neck pieces as these would add length to your overall height.  Also, take care that you choose to wear clothes in a single tone of colour. If you prefer bright colours, then save them for handbags, shoes, lipsticks, nail art etc.

2. Avoid Wear Loose and Baggy Clothes

Never commit the mistake of wearing extremely loose clothes as they will make you appear fatter. Try to wear well-fitted clothes which are not too tight and let you feel comfortable in your own skin. Also, do not choose fabrics which stick to the skin such as lycra, rayon, etc., as these would look absurd on your body. Choose something in cotton and lighter fabrics which stay loose enough and do not stick to the body in case of sweating during summers. Chiffon is another fabric which is flowy and light and yet would not make you look fat from any inch.

3. Ditch sweaters for Long Coats

For winters, you should always prefer to wear long coats rather than the woolen sweaters as they hide your extra weight and make you look slightly slimmer. Also, never slouch when you carry yourself as this would make you appear as if you have gained an inch of weight. You can choose to wear heeled boots along with the long coats as that would boost up your height a bit and make you appear fit and leaner. Moreover, long coats help to hide the flabby portions around the paunch which may sometimes look unappealing hence it is always safe to wear them.

4. Avoid Chokers and High-Necks

Many of the plus-size women seem to have short necks, and thus you should avoid wearing them as they won’t suit you and would look congested on your body type. Also, turtle and long neck shirts should not be your preferred choice as these will give you a more hunched look. Instead, you should go for slightly low neck and empire waistline dresses so that they drive away the attention from your body.

5. Choose Horizontal Stripes Over Vertical Striped Clothes

You always need to be careful while using striped clothes as they can reflect on your weight a lot. Horizontal stripes add height and make you look slimmer, thus they should be a preferred choice among the clothes. Vertical stripes, on the other hand, will make you look broad which is not desirable for plus-size body type. Always ensure that you make the right choice for yourself on this part.

6. Clothing tip for Women with Heavy mid-section

For women who have a heavy middle section, you should choose low-waist skirts and zipped pants as they remove the attention from the paunch area.  Moreover, while choosing tops, try to opt for the one which has a hemmed shirt tail as this would cover up the middle portion significantly and give a curvaceous effect from the sides.

7. Avoid Frills and Smaller Prints Clothes

Frills add significant weight to your body; hence you should avoid choosing clothes that have such an addition to it. Let your clothes have volume and have a simple touch. Moreover, try wearing prints in watercolor texture and overlapping patterns as these would make you appear much slightly slim in size. Also, wearing flared skirts does the trick in hiding in the extra inches from the lower portion your body. Tailored jackets give a feminine appeal to your body, hence they should be preferred.

8. Monochrome Clothing will Save You On Many Days

Times, when you feel that you are way too confused about what you need to wear, choose the monochrome shades blindly. Monochrome colours such as black and white are preferably the best option if you wish to look lean, and long. If you wearing a striped top with a loose bottom pants, then wear the former one with broad shoulders. While choosing nudes, do not select the ones which match your skin tone and rather pick up something disproportionate.
You need to play smartly with plus-size dressing in order to make yourself appear slightly slimmer than you usually are.

We hope this post might have cleared some of your doubts regarding the plus-size dressing. It would help you gain some insight as to how you should avoid making yourself look more fat than usual through some slight changes in the way you dress up. Just incorporate these Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Women in your day-to-day life. Just do not forget to imbibe these fashion tips in your daily dress up routine so as to avoid some major blunders.

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