Office Fashion : Top Fashion Tips for Your First Job Interview!

It’s the graduation season! There will be a lot of planning going around in your life. One of the major decisions that you will have to undertake is related to your career. With several ongoing placement activities, you will have to prep up for your first-ever job interview. Job interviews keep happening all the time. Even in your life, you will come across several job interviews. But, the matter of the first job interview is quite different. It is about making your first and the best impression keeping office fashion in mind. If you wish to make a statement and an impression on your first job interview, then you must be fashionable enough to grab the opportunity.

Success in the job interviews is all about being confident. Confidence comes from within when you are dressed at the peak of fashion. You feel motivated when you are dressed at your best and then nothing can stop you from rocking the placement panel.

What to Wear for Job Interview in Terms of Office Fashion?

If you are unsure about the right kind of attire that you should sport on your first job interview, then here is our list straight from the books of the famous style icons that can help you out. Check out some important fashion guidelines that can help you grab the opportunity by being at your fashionable best. Have a read:

1. Be Yourself and Be Comfortable

“Be Yourself” is the most plausible statement that we come across in our life. It is advisable to be natural when you are projecting some of the super fashionable ideas for yourself for a job interview. The top priority that you must give to your fashion sense is that you must be comfortable in your skin. A good interviewer will be able to see right through your fashion sense and comfort level.

In case you are wearing a lot of makeup, the interviewer can look through the crooked line of eyeliner quite easily. Therefore, the essence of your job interview in fashion lies in the fact that you are comfortable enough. To top it all, you must be yourself and should not carry the fashion that is not meant for you. If you are not comfortable in high heels, then go for the flat ballerinas that can prove quite stylish and modest too. In addition to this, your entire formal outfit must be clean, thoughtful and should reflect your personal style.

2. Consider the Repute of the Company

Your sense of fashion for the job interview should greatly depend on the aesthetic of the particular company for which you are giving the interview. If you are giving an interview for some top fashion brand or designer, then you are expected to be at the peak of fashion and style from head to toe. On the other hand, if your job interview is for the Human Resources department of any company, then your fashion sense must reflect professionalism and formal dress up all over. Remember, rules for office fashion are different for different work places!

The outfit of an individual can tell two important things: how well you have understood the job profile of a particular company and how important the particular job interview is for you. If you are dressed in the right manner, you can give a clear indication that you are fit for the particular position of the company. Therefore, before going for any job interview, you must do your research well on the type of people you will be meeting, the culture of the company and even the overall job profile.

3. Do not Overdo It

This could be the most important piece of advice that can help you out in the job interview. Several job candidates tend to overdo their sense of fashion and makeup skills when going for a formal job interview. If you will go too far with your cult or fashion sense, then you can get noticed for all the wrong reasons. Office fashion that includes too short skirts, extremely transparent blouses, too high heels, too much makeup and hairdo – all of these can be described as “too much”. And it is certainly not a good idea to apply these on your first job interview.

Interviews are not meant for a fashion pageant. It is all about your personal skills, resume and professional background that will determine your success in the particular job interview.

4. Be Clean and Organized

If you go out with the wrinkled shirt or dirty nails, you have gone one step far away from grabbing the golden opportunity. Job interviews call for clean, organised and presentable overall appearance of an individual. An unkempt appearance can give the impression that you were not making enough efforts and were not detail-oriented to justify the interview.

Even the little aspect of your personality can have either a progressive or a detrimental effect on the results of your interview. You must remember the fact that you can make the first and the last impression on the interviewer with your overall appearance. To have the best effects and praises from the interviewer, you must maintain a clean and an organised personality.

5. Wear Black When in Doubt

Black can be called as the ‘official color’ when it comes to Office Fashion! If you are skeptical about the particular dress code to wear for your first job interview, then Black is your solution. Black can never go wrong even in the case of the most professional and high-tech job interview. The fashion rule for the job interviews goes as “Just Wear Black (JWB)”. If you are uncomfortable about certain color tones that might be apt for the interview, then you can go for wearing black that serves the best for all occasions.

Wish to make a style statement on your first job interview? The fashion tips as mentioned above can help you out in being presentable and fashionable at the same time on your job interview. In addition to your skill set and talents, the way of presenting yourself can also play a significant role in shaping the final results. Go ahead in fashion and make your statement!

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