Top Footwear Fashion Tips To Stand Out From Crowd!

The footwear fashion industry has started gaining traction nowadays due to the designers who have started coming up with new designs and styles. However, it is seen that, due to a hectic schedule, people often tend to ignore buying the right footwear which eventually leads to wearing the same old ones. This leads to no space for experimenting with something fresh and new.

Well, you do not have to buy new shoes every single time to update your wardrobe; it is just that you need to have a few essential pairs and the most suitable colour that would go well with almost all outfits. In this write-up, we have discussed some of the essential fashion tips that would prove beneficial when you are selecting the right footwear for yourself.

Learn more about the choices you need to make and the things you should avoid at the same time in order to make the right decision.

Learn About the Essentials of Footwear Fashion

Here are some of the tips which can help you to make the right selection of the shoes. Go through all of them to know what exactly you need to do with the footwear choice –

1. Choose the Right Shoe Fabric According to the Occasion

Whether it is a formal or an informal occasion, you would need to select the right shoe type that goes well with the outfit that you have chosen to wear. Pick up something that would last longer even if you have worn it several times. Also, it should be able to absorb excess sweat and would make you feel comfortable at the same time.  Along with this, select dark and polished colours to give you a tad bit of professional look. If you are planning to wear something for an informal occasion, then you can opt for something in different colours or prints. Choose shoes in a pale shade and soft leather if you are heading out during the summers. Footwear such as loafers, and ballerinas look really good with denim or pants, so make sure that the length of your trousers is appropriate and does not hide your footwear.

2. Avoid Wearing Socks Most of the Time

These days you can find footwear in a larger number of colours and shades, and so you are eventually left with a plethora of choices to try them out with different outfits. Moreover, with the summer season soon going to hit the streets, you can always wear your footwear without socks if you want to prevent your feet from sweating up. Apart from this, as an alternative option, you can sprinkle some talcum powder on your feet if you wish to avoid your shoes from getting ruined due to foot odour and sweaty feet.

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3. Get the Footwear Customized According to Your Choice

If you want to add the quirk quotient, then you can always give a personal touch to your choice of footwear. There are several options available in this regards these days as you can get the shoes engraved with initials of your name, or attach some embroidery accessories such as small bells and pom poms. In case if you really want to get the shoes customised then make sure you choose the right shoe material, style and colour and get them assembled so that the shoes can be designed in just the way that you want. For a choice in customisation options, you can go through the various categories available on the online stores for more details and product description or get them tailor made from a good shoemaker.

4. The Right Trick is to Option for a Slightly Larger Size in Footwear

During seasonal changes such as the summers, it is quite imperative that your feet swell up due to excessive sweating and therefore, as a result, you might even end up getting blisters or bad foot odour. Hence, experts always recommend you to choose half a size bigger than the usual so as to avoid such circumstances. Although, if the material of your shoe stretches easily and takes up the shape of your feet, then there is no requirement to go for a bigger size.

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5. Wear Same Coloured Shoes as Your Clothes to Look Taller

This is one of the best tricks for the ones with the short height to look taller instantly. Wear footwear that is similar to the colour of your pant if you want to create an illusion of looking taller. Pants with stripes can also be used to look taller, so select the colour of the footwear accordingly.

6. Always Make Sure that Your Wardrobe Has a Pair of Combat Boots

Combat boots will save you any day as they look perfect with almost all types of bottoms including pants, tights, leggings and even skirts. Not only this, they are the best options especially during the winter season as they keep your feet warm and cosy and at the same time give an edgy look to your entire outfit.

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7. Wear a Pair of Sneakers for Casual Days

On casual days or whenever you cannot decide which pair of footwear should you put on, always make sure that you have sneakers handy with you. These go with all outfits and do not even look absurd. Moreover, you can even avail them in a variety of colours these days. So, always carry a pair of sneakers to complete your footwear collection.

Hope that we were able to clear your doubts regarding the tops fashion tips when it comes to selecting and wearing the footwear. As you need shoes for both casual and formal occasions, so it is advised that you select something that would be useful whenever you need them. Have at least four to five pair of different footwear- from professional wear to party wear, make sure you do not have to look around for shoes when you need them the most. Happy shopping!

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