Top Things You Should Clean from Your Closet This Year!

Do you find yourself staring at your closet and still not able to figure out what to wear? These are the dark times when you feel that shopping could be your final respite. However, you must refrain from shopping at all costs. Confused? Well, it is a common issue with girls that they never find anything relevant to wear even with heaps of clothes in their closet.

If you think straight, you would realise that you do not need to add more clothing to your closet. On the contrary, it might be the time to shed some from the same. If you really wish to look into something attractive to wear, then you must, first of all, de-clutter your wardrobe. If still in a predicament about what to take out from your closet, then here is a list of the top items of which you must get rid of. Have a read –

Top Things You Should Clean Your Closet This Year

1. Clone Clothing

T-shirts and underwear are different attires, but if you have kept a stock of the same kind of floral dress for yourself, then this is a red flag. First of all, lay them all out and evaluate your reasons for your purchase of the particular dress. Now you can look at the difference if any, among the dresses that appear to be similar to each other. Identifying the pieces and the circumstances under which you had bought them, you must make a mental note about which ones you should discard and which ones you should keep for yourself. You can pick your favorite among each and then you can hang them back in your closet. For the rest of them, you can just give out to someone needy.

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2. Virgin Clothing

Are there some pieces that you have never worn or worn just once in your life? These form the top number in the priority list of the clothing that you must discard at the earliest to de-clutter your closet. If you happen to have bought several pieces of clothing from the same store because of a heavy discount, then there are higher chances that you might not wear all of them. You can make a note of the common traits that are found in the clothing that you do not wear anymore. By doing this, you can be aware of the items that you should not purchase during your future shopping spree.

3. Comfort-Porn Clothing

These are those range of clothing that you tend to wear only when you wish to feel snuggly as they are super comfortable. These are those piece of clothing that you would not dare to adorn out of the house. These might include stained T-Shirts, baggy shirts or sweatshirts, oversized yoga pants and so more. It is good to have enough comfy clothes. However, to have bundles of them can be detrimental to the storage space of your closet. Therefore, it is recommended that you must get rid of the extra comfortable clothes when you have enough of them in stock.

4. Ghostly Outfits of the Past

Fashion trends tend to change with every second. So there are higher chances that you must have kept a stock of your clothing blast from the past. Believe us, you are NEVER going to wear them again! So it is high time that you get rid of those ghostly, weirdly-fashioned and sparkly clothes that are way out of fashion in the current times. It is time to confront your horrible fashion sense back then (though this only made sense) and then learns from the same. You love your old clothes, but you cannot be materialistic for them forever. Get rid of them as soon as possible and give yourself a fashionable touch of the present era.

5. “Other You” Clothing

This is another common mistake that happens with the girls out there. There are several instances when you tend to buy clothes (for a whatsoever unknown reason) and they do not fit your body type at all. It could be possible that it did fit you back then when you went all over for it. But with time, your body is bound to change. Why not revamp your closet then? You must lay out all the “other you” clothing and then make a note of the problems with each one of them. Even if it is a designer piece of clothing on which you spent a considerable amount of money, you must eliminate the same at once. You must focus on welcoming the “new” you rather than the “other” you. Feel proud of your present status and adorn yourself with the most stylish and fashionable attire that fits your body perfectly.

6. Junk Clothing

There are higher chances that you must have kept a stock of the junk clothing that has stains or is even beyond repair and correction. However, back then, it was your favorite piece and you had spent a fortune into the same. So what? You cannot change the fact that it has outlived its life. Even if the particular dress is embedded with precious stones, if it has worn out, there is no point stuffing your wardrobe with the same. Take it out and never return it to your closet section.

7. Fillers

There are several pieces of clothing that found your dear interest when shopping, but now you find them too plain and minimalistic to carry out in public. Take some time to filter out your clothing range with the ones that do not feel like wearing anymore. This will help in the clearance of your closet to a greater extent making some new space for the fresh fashionable clothes.

Tired of looking at your boring wardrobe? Not finding anything relevant to wear? You can learn some effective ways to de-clutter your closet by understanding the types of clothes that you need to discard right now. Plan it out and set a day for organising your closet. You can be motivated to buy better and fashionable clothes even more once you have cleared your closet space.

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Have a clean and well organised closet… Cheers!

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