Top 7 Tips for Parents to Ensure Safer Prom for Their Kids!

Prom marks the end of the senior school year and leaves a lot of memories associated with the students as they embark on a new journey. It marks the beginning of their adult life where they will have to face new challenges and look ahead to their career and the choices they seem to take for studying further. Although prom is one fun night, but there are certain things which the children need to be careful of. Not only them, but their parents do feel the need for some safety for their kids so as to avoid any unfortunate incident. Prom usually happens to be at the night time where ones see senior students from the entire school gather to celebrate the occasion. Not only this, due to some students who are a drink or drug addicts, circumstances demand the others to be a little careful and stay away from such incidents. So how to ensure the safer Prom for your ward?

Well, here in this write up we have discussed certain some tips which might prove beneficial for parents who wish to ensure safety for their kids. Go through the entire points to inform yourself about the steps which you can take.

Safer Prom : How to Stay Informed about Your Children at Prom?

Here are some of the tips that would help to you get an idea as to what should be told to the children so that they act responsibly at the prom. Read through the points to know more:

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1. Stay Informed About the Timings

Have a sound knowledge of the timings and everything that is related to the prom if you wish to ensure safety for your child. Prom is usually organized during the evening sessions, and thus one needs to be little careful. It is alright to let the children stay late in the night but communicate to them about being responsible. Always have a talk with your kids on this matter and let them know about the safety measured they need to take while they are alone at the prom night apart from the time when they with their respective partners. Ask them to be aware of the surrounding and take the relevant action.

2. Stay Connected with Your Child on Phone Through Chat

If you won’t be going to the prom with your child, then you should ask them to stay connected with you through phones or family group chats from time to time. Also, do not keep nagging them all the time and rather ask them to inform you within an hour or so if it is getting late. Technology has made it possible for you to stay connected to your close ones, and thus during such times phones seem the best possible way to communicate. Keep your child informed about making a call or messaging whenever required and informing you about his well-being.

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3. Make Your Children Aware of the Possible Consequences During Prom

At times, group fights happen between the senior year children due to some personal reasons, or there might even be the cases when someone might have drunk too much which might lead to some unfortunate events. So, let the children know about all the possible situations which they might or might not have to face. Also, ask them to stay away from the rowdy groups in the Prom party so that they stay safe. Moreover, ask them to be aware of the surroundings so as to avoid such situations.

4. Escort Them to the Prom

If you do not feel safe regarding the prom for your child, then you can always drop them off at the venue. In this way, you would be assured that your child has reached safely and would not have to worry much about them. Moreover, if it gets too late for them, you can always take them back at your risk. Nights are prone to road accidents and if you do not feel safe leaving your child on their own, then you can always drop them by yourself.

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5. Ask for Child’s Friend’s Phone Numbers

It is always safe to keep a few phone numbers in hand with you. So, ask your kid to give you the contacts of his/her friends in case you are not able to connect with your child due to network issues. In this way, you can always stay informed about the event, but make sure that you only contact the others in the case of emergency and let them enjoy the evening as well. Also, ask your child to contact you from their friend’s number if there is some issue and he/she cannot reach you from the phone.

6. Ask Your Child to Inform You About the After Party Hours

Communicate your child really well and ask them about each and every detail about the prom location and if there is any after-party. Kids tend to have parties in their close group of friends after they are done with the official, hence let them inform you about everything. Also, if they would staying at their friend’s house that night, make sure to have the contact information so that you can always stay informed. Assist them to act responsibly and do not indulge in anything rash ranging from driving, drinking or even smoking.

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7. Keep the Contact with School Authorities

In extreme cases, when you cannot reach your child through a phone call, you should always keep the contact information of the school authorities as they can help in such cases. As the school staff attends the prom night as well, so you can always get informed about the event from them.

Hope you were able to grasp an idea as to how you can ensure your child’s safety if you care way too much regarding the prom. There are some unavoidable circumstances which usually happen at most of the proms, and it becomes imperative for you to assure about your child and make him responsible enough to stay away from some unfamiliar circumstances. By keeping these above-mentioned in mind, you can sit back and relax. But make sure that you let your kids have their share of fun as well.

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