Top Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman MUST Have!

Our wardrobe consists of all kinds of clothes that we need for different occasions. We purchase clothes and accessories as and when we like and when we get attracted to them. Some of them are in use while most of them are stuffed in our closet for years. Hence, we have picked up certain wardrobe essentials for you. You are supposed to have these clothing and accessories in your closet. You can wear and style them in different ways and look attractive and confident. You only need to buy from trusted brands as you will use them often.

Even if you are buying it from small stores, try it wearing before purchasing it. Mere buying is not sufficient. You should know very well how to wear it nicely and look attractive.

Wardrobe Essentials – Apparel and Accessories

1. Shirts

  • A black shirt – Black colour suits everyone and gives the perception of slim and slender figure. Moreover, you can wear it on any trouser or jeans and style it differently.
  • White shirts – Better to have a variety of white shirts. For instance, cotton white shirt, synthetic white shirt for informal occasions. The advantage of white shirt is that it suits any colour, any occasion and can be styled uniquely. For instance, you can wear a blazer on it, or wrap a scarf or tuck it in, or even use belts to enhance the outfit.
  • A light colour shirt, preferably pink or blue depending upon your likes.
  • A dark-coloured shirt, preferably blue or brown. These colours offer varying combinations and can be styled with relevant accessories.

2. Trousers

  • Black trousers, jeans or pants – It suits all occasions.
  • Beige/ skin colour or tan trousers
  • A black skirt – It serves the purpose.

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A Dress For The Special Day

A cute, black dress – The simpler, the more elegant it looks. The length of the dress can be decided as per your preference and comfort. You can pick up different accessories for different occasions. For example, use silver shoes and neckpiece for a cocktail party. Or wear complete black at formal occasions.

1. Jackets

A black or dark blue jacket – This is used in winters, and during formal occasions. It matches with any kind of skirt, trousers and shirts.

2. Ethnic wear

Here, check out the latest fashion trends and also the whether it suits your body type or not. So, whether it is Anarkali or Afghani, make sure it enhances your overall personality. A beautiful saree makes an Indian woman’s closet complete. Hence, always shop for the best ones.


  • Diamond studs – Diamonds are a girls’ best friends. Right? It is not mandatory that you should buy the world’s most expensive diamonds. Make sure it looks elegant and not clumsy.
  • Pearl studs and neckpiece – If diamonds are a woman’s best friends, then pearls are her loving companions. Pearls look classy and elegant. You can buy a short and a long pearl string of pearls.
  • Dangling and loop earrings – You do not always want to look sophisticated. Hence, you need these. However, choose the size and length of the earrings depending upon your face shape.


  • A chain with a pendant – Again, do not choose clumsy or heavy pendants as it will divert the attention from your dress and face to the accessories. You should choose the most delicate one which suits your features.
  • You can buy neckpieces but do not forget your face shape.

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A delicate bracelet – You can choose a variety of bracelets. A string one, a fitted one, or a dangling one. You should love it and feel confident when they are enhancing your hands.


Not to forget, a ring makes your fingers look more delicate and chic. If your fingers are short, then go for a classy and delicate ring. If they are long and plump, then you can try with the bigger ones. A nice ring will always draw attention to your fingers. You will also feel more confident, particularly when you are speaking and emphasizing with your hands.


Sunglasses and spectacles – Always go for the branded ones even if they are expensive. Before buying eyewear, analyse your face shape and check whether it really suits or not. When you wear it, your face should not look small. Moreover, your eyebrows should be visible. Hence, try at least ten times and check properly.

Scarves and Stoles

Your scarf or stole should hide what you are wearing. It goes perfect with a white or black shirt. If you prefer not to wear jewellery, stoles and scarves come to the rescue. Buy a lighter and a darker shade of scarves or stoles. Learn to wear it in different ways but make sure you can manage it very well. You can even tie a short scarf to your handbag or your write for a unique look.

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Do not use belts for holding your trousers up. Use it for enhancing the look of your outfit. You can wear the same colour belt of the trouser you are wearing or even go for a contrast one. If you tucking your shirt or top in, then definitely wear a belt.

Handbags, Clutches and Wallets

  • Mostly, women go for black and white colour handbags to match with their shoes. You can also have white and beige handbags in your closet. Use handbags during daytime.
  • For dinners or parties, opt for a clutch. A gold, black, silver or off-shite colour looks great if it matches with your dress.
  • Do not overstuff your handbags or clutches.
  • A wallet is a better option if you are travelling or carrying backpack.
  • Sling bags look trendy and fashionable on jeans and T-shirts.

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Shoes and Socks

  • Do not underestimate the power of shoes and how they can serve impression on the people. Always go for comfortable, strong and branded shoes that will last long. Do not pick up shoes that will tear off soon and will make you search for the nearest cobbler at the earliest. If you are not comfortable with heels, then do not wear them. Always analyse shoes by its comfort level and not by the fashion trends. When you wear shoes, your poise and posture must look nice and comfortable. Black or beige coloured shoes are must in your shoes cabinet. For parties, dinners and informal occasions, gold or silver ones will look classy. Avoid wearing flip-flops during formal occasions. For trekking and jogging, prefer sports shoes only.
  • Socks are also vital, particularly during winter season. Do not wear worn out or over-used socks. Always wash your socks separately and keep them near the shoes to save time.

Apart from these Wardrobe Essentials, you also need to have a good closet to keep them. You should avoid wastage of time by sorting them properly. For example, use hangers to keep clothes. Make separate sections for scarves, jewellery, shoes, and others. Next time when you want to dress up for an occasion, you should find your outfit and the relevant accessories quickly without wondering where you have kept them.

So, these are the must-have apparel and accessories that will induce you to go for a shopping trip soon. If you have these clothes, then you can definitely have a variety of outfits by simply styling and wearing them uniquely. You just need to practice the styling ritual often and notice the difference! In this way, you can be your own stylist!

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