Amazing Uses of Marigold for Skin and Hair Care!

Marigolds are bright orange-coloured flowers that you can see in many gardens or backyards. You might have even noticed in movies, television shows or scenic photographs. The vast fields filled with these bright yellow colored flowers look very attractive and add to the beauty of the landscape. However, it is researched that a certain type of marigolds known as Calendula are extremely beneficial for skin and hair care. In this article we will look at benefits of Marigold for Skin and Hair!

What is Calendula Marigold?

Calendula officinalis is part of the plant family called Asteraceae or Compositae. Calendula marigold flowers are usually small bunch of yellow-orange flowers with charming small petals. These are usually harvested for the medicinal benefits that they offer.

This species of marigold, Calendula has been used since thousands of years in treating skin disorders such as itchiness. It is still used in many creams, ointments, soaps to add a beautiful fragrance to the beauty products. Nowadays, marigold tea is also an emerging trend as a therapy to calm down mind.

Marigold is primarily known for its mesmerizing aroma that fills your mind with calmness and cheerfulness. People who suffer from emotional stress, depression or constant mood swings can smell fragrant Marigold flowers to improve their mental condition. Though it does not guarantee complete recovery, it shifts the person’s mind to a temporary state of cheerfulness and bliss. Besides it fragrance, it is useful in treating skin disorder and in promoting skin health.


Following are the nutrients and contents found in Calendula :

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin D
  • Calendulin
  • Calendic acid
  • Polysaccharides
  • Essential acids
  • Flavonoids
  • Sterols

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Marigolds for Health

Before we move forward with the beauty segment, let us first understand the significance of Marigolds for overall health.

  • Packed with Vitamin C content, Marigolds help in preventing severe diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disorders.
  • Corns, wart and other skin problems can fade away by applying Marigolds.
  • Consumption of Marigold tea works against ulcers, cramps, bowel issues and other stomach problems.
  • Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, it is useful for arthritis and joint pain.
  • Insect stings are painful. Most of the times, swelling also occurs. Simply rubbing a Marigold flower on the affected area can reduce the pain and soreness.
  • Marigold tea is beneficial to get rid of cold, cough and flue-related conditions.

Marigolds for Other Purposes

  • Instead of using spices in cooking, some even use dried Marigolds to add aroma and taste.
  • Marigold flowers can be boiled in water and used as a spray on garden plants to keep away insects from it. This mixture is also used in case of animals to keep away flies from them.

Benefits of Marigold for Skin and Hair Care Treatments

Here are some of the benefits of Marigold for skin and hair care treatments that one can follow.

1. Home Remedy for Skin Disorders

As already mentioned, it is an effective natural remedy to lessen the grave condition of skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis, sunburns, etc.

2. Protects Eye Health

Due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, Marigold protects eye health. Besides, it also fights against aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet surrounding the eyes. It adds a protective layer on the eyes against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

3. Reduces Bacterial Infections

Fortified with antiseptic elements, Marigolds help in fighting bacterial infections of various body parts. It also lessens the burning sensation, redness and soreness of the skin.  It also resolves concerns relating to dry and sensitive skin.

Babies also experience rashes on their body skin due to frequent usage of diapers. Marigold cream or oil can be applied to protect the delicate skin of the babies and to get rid of diaper rash.

4. Protects From Environmental Damage

Our skin is continuously exposed to harmful pollutants, and environmental concerns such as harmful rays, and artificial elements. Marigolds have excellent capabilities of creating a protective layer on the skin. This layer protects the skin from free radicals.

5. Reduces Ageing Signs

Marigolds are also beneficial as anti-ageing agents. They will help in revitalising saggy, wrinkled and older-looking skin. It can make you look young and beautiful.

6. Fights Against Crow’s Feet

Yes, crow’s feet also appear on the skin. It is not something scary but a bit embarrassing when you smile or when your facial expressions change. In simple words, crow’s feet are the fine lines surrounding the corners of your eyes. As our age increases, the crow’s feet starts appearing on the face, making us look old. Calendula has natural properties to reduce crow’s feet by recreating skin tissues. Marigold fights against such signs of aging and makes your skin look younger and cheerful.

7. Boosts Hair Volume

Marigolds are loaded with astringent properties. As it is anti-bacterial in nature, it helps in reviving brittle hair. It cools down and soothes itchy scalp and makes you free of irritation due to dandruff and dryness.

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Applications of Marigold

If you are not able to find Marigold or not having adequate time, then it is better to find beauty products that contain calendula. This is the easiest way to apply Marigold on skin and hair.

If you experience rashes or suffer from skin diseases such as eczema, then don’t forget to use Marigold or calendula-based products in your beauty regime.

In case you get Marigold flowers easily, then boil and mash those flowers. Do not over boil the flowers in water. The nutrients should not be lost.

1. Marigold Face Pack

We have brought an excellent Marigold face pack for you.

You will need few Marigold flowers, neem (Indian lilac) leaves, cucumber or almond powder and coriander leaves. Well, this pack is nothing but a mixture of the best flowers and leaves beneficial for your skin.

Initially, wash all these natural ingredients in fresh water. In winters, use warm water to wash. Later, ground the Marigold flowers, neem and coriander leaves in the mixer. Make it a paste. For blending purpose, add cucumber juice instead of water. Also, add a spoon of oatmeal or almond powder into it.

Apply this paste on the affected areas, leave it for 15-20 minutes, and wash it off with water. This pack needs to be applied twice a week for nearly 3-4 months to get rid of stubborn acne.

This pack will not only reduce acne and acne spots but will also revitalize the skin. It will make your skin refreshing, smooth and flawless.

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2. Marigold Hair Pack

You can prepare Marigold hair packs for getting healthy hair in few weeks. Warm Marigold flowers and neem leaves in water till the mixture becomes warm. Add beetroot juice into it. Mix a spoon of olive oil or coconut oil into the mixture. Try to blend this mixture as smoothly as possible into a nice paste. Apply it even all over the scalp and hair. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with an herbal shampoo.

This hair pack will help in reducing dryness and itchiness of the scalp, fight dandruff and boost hair growth.

Thus, these packs need to be incorporated in your beauty care regime. We tend to use artificial beauty products in our regime. As a result, we tend to neglect natural ingredients, particular flowers like Marigolds. Some people are not even aware that Marigold flowers can not only beautify the gardens but also help in earning smooth skin and problem-free hair.

Hence, people should try to understand the healthy benefits of Marigolds and use them on a regular basis. If your garden does not include Marigold flowers, then it is the right time to plant some as you have now understood the amazing benefits of Marigolds. The golden-orange coloured flowers will change your garden’s look. Moreover, you will get those flowers easily to make natural face and hair packs at home. If a direct application of Marigolds is not possible, then one should check whether a beauty product is comprised of calendula or Marigold or not.

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