What To Wear For An Interview?

Do you feel stressed out during an interview? Well, it’s often really common to feel so!! But most of the worries go away when we are appropriately dressed up for the interview. Before you start speaking a word and give the interview, an impression has been voted down by the way you have dressed up.

The most significant and most important part of making and lasting the first impression of an interview is how we dress up for the interview. People often come up in casual and quite plunging crew opening outfits, blazer with a t-shirt, casual outfits don’t really last the impression.

The options of dressing up for the interview vary depending upon the type of job and interview you are dealing with. The question here is what to wear for an interview? Given below are few simple tips and information about what to wear for an interview and what not to wear.

What To Wear For A Job Interview?

We all have heard the phrase that the first impressions are the most lasting ones and when it comes to potential employers then it is the predominant feature to deal with. Let us check the interview attires depending upon the types of interview:

1. Professional Questioning And Evaluation

Generally, for the professional or the business interview session, the best suitable attire for men is a suit, jacket, shirt and a tie, sweater with a button. The professional interview attire for women is modern style skirts or pants with a blazer and shirt inside, statement dresses, sweater and slacks, blouse with skirt, etc.

2. Casual Interview

If there is an interview in an informal way, then the business casual outfit is best suitable attire for both men and women. Always confirm or make sure before giving it a call that the casual outfit is allowable. People might wear a t-shirt or shorts but make sure that the outfit provides a bit of a professional touch. Polo shirt with button down, khakis gives a professional touch for an informal business interview.

3. Internship Interview

The Internship interview is the start-up of the professional development where the intern is acing for the job. Here, making an impression comes up in a polished and professional way. Wearing a professional dress for an internship interview outfit or a casual one depends upon the type of job, company’s environment you are seeking for.

4. High School Interview

Giving an interview in the high school or the teenage period is more of a part-time job interview. There are few outfits which look appropriate for the high school interview like slacks or khakis, polo shirt with slacks or a skirt, Khakis, sweater, shirts or slacks, a tie with a shirt, etc.

Always remember to avoid extremely different hairstyles or various colours. Also, don’t overdo the makeup.

What Not To Wear To An Interview?

Before the interviewer has scheduled the interview, you should check the best list of things that you can wear and be well prepared in advance. A wrong move can ruin the chance of getting selected further.

1. Baggy Clothing

If you have not checked the last interview outfit which you worded fits or unfits you completely, then it will show. Always use an outfit which is well tailored to fit you properly. It shouldn’t look too tight or too loose. It takes away the attention from you and the skills.

2. Excessively Casual Clothing

To look professional, wear professional clothing. But if in case a company’s environment demands a bit of casual clothing then do not go for excessively or overly informal clothing. Garments with the brand naming, denim, t-shirt, casual shoes, hats, bellies, and flip-flops are a complete no-no. Always wear sober and decent colours and avoid loud and bright colours.

3. Do Not Wear Anything That Diverts The Attention

Always remember to not to cross the fine line between wearing and standing out anything that distracts the interviewer. The colours like neon, bright, and dark are distracting. Women should avoid wearing clothing which reveals their body. Do not show the trendy patterns, sunglasses, or party heels in the interview. The best colours for the suits and clothing are black, grey, and blue.

4. Be Prepared

Always ask the interviewer or the committee members in advance about the clothing, patterns, etc. It will eventually mark an impression as well as help you in the preparations. Do not wear anything different from what you have been informed.

Interview Attire For Women

  • Women should basically focus on the suit, skirt, and the pants. And whenever you are in doubt, then just be conservative. Always wear clothes which don’t look too baggy or which are cramped in the body. The interview suits should be dark and simple. The perfect fitted clothes, length of the clothes (skirts should be knee length), are considered the modest for the women.
  • Always wear a blouse which doesn’t reveal and avoid animal print, low cut, colours which are bright.
  • The makeup should be minimal, and hairs and nail colours should be de-emphasised.
  • The jewelry and other accessories should be minimum. Always avoid any flashy or party jewelry which looks completely unprofessional.
  • The shoes or the footwear should be flat or low-heeled. The shoes should be in good condition and with basics.
  • The most important factor is that the attire or the clothing should be neat, well ironed and clean. Wear deodorant and avoid perfume.
  • What to wear for in an interview has been the most significant question from the people all across. But, to carry the outfit confidently and wearing only to make a first impression should be kept in mind. It is a part of the interview and doesn’t cover all the aspects like confidence, body language, communication skills, etc. So, retain that whenever you dress for an interview, you dress to make it happen and for the success.
  • There are general rules and guidelines of each organization, and every interviewee should follow it. Dressing appropriately and carrying some professionalism will always show respect for the organization, the interviewer and most importantly for you. So always be ready to present yourself to emphasise your self-image.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To What To Wear For An Interview

1. What is the appropriate thing to wear for an interview?

Ans. Always wear suits, pants or skirts. Coordinate with the tie, socks, shoes, and shirt appropriately. Do not dress down and when in doubt, just be conservative.

2. Which color shirt should we wear for an interview?

Ans. According to research, black and blue color shirts are the best color shirts for an interview. Orange is the worst color.

3. Can someone wear jeans for a job interview?

Ans.No, jeans do not make you look professional. Always ask about the organization rules and norms and dress appropriately.

4. Which color suits are suitable for an interview?

Ans.Gray(charcoal), Dark Blue and Black color suits are mostly used and look professional colors for an interview.

5. What should a Woman wear for a job interview?

Ans. Dark pants and a sweater, Button down styles, Blazers (blue), Slacks and sweaters, a Black color outfit with tights, statement dresses are the outfits women should wear for a job interview.

6. Can we wear salwar suit for an interview?

Ans. For Indian Women, salwar suit or salwar kameez is formal attire and is allowed in most of the companies.

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