Why Vitamin B12 is a Must for Skin and Hair?

Vitamins are essential nutrients that regulate proper functioning of our body organs. Recently, we all have adopted a sedentary lifestyle. We really don’t quantify our foods in terms of nutrients. We don’t bother to check whether we are eating the right amount of vitamins. Hence, one needs to understand the utmost significance of Vitamin B12 for our health and beauty.

Before we move forward, let us first understand what Vitamin B12 is. It is also called as Cobalamin. It is one of the essential 8 vitamins of Vitamin B complex.

Following are the important highlighting elements of Vitamin B12:

  • It is water soluble
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Can be destroyed by cooking or extra steaming

Vitamin B12 is required in varying amounts by different people. For example, pregnant women and vegetarians need a higher dosage of Vitamin B12.

Sources of Vitamin B12

It is significant to note that Vitamin B12 is stored in animal sources of energy. Following are few of the sources of Vitamin B12 –

  • Non-vegetarian sources such as chicken, meat, fish, eggs
  • Milk – However, if milk is processed, it reduces Vitamin B12.
  • Soya Milk and yeast

As we have seen, Vitamin B12 is found mostly in animal sources. As a result, vegetarians suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin B12. A vegetarian person needs to consume Vitamin B12 supplements by consulting their family doctor in order to gain the essential nutrients.

Following are some of the highlighting elements of Vitamin B12 for a person’s skin and hair:

Significance of Vitamin B12 for Skin

1. Boosts Skin Complexion

In case a person is having dull, irritated or unhealthy skin, then Vitamin B12 needs to be consumed on regular basis.

2. Useful for Skin Nourishment

If you are having dull and unhealthy skin, then there might be a possibility that you are suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin B12. Consumption of Vitamin B12 leads to texture improvement and nourishment of the skin. It hydrates the skin and retains the moisture in it.

3. Reduces Uneven Skin Tone

When your skin is exposed to the sun and you are suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin B12, then your skin is exposed to more damage. Your skin texture will look uneven and also result in hyperpigmentation. Vitamin B12 consumption reduces chances of hyperpigmentation. It fades the darkening of the skin.

4. Useful for Young Skin

Every woman likes to have a healthy, young and radiant skin. Mere application of expensive skin creams and gels is not sufficient. If your body is not getting enough amount of Vitamin B12, then your skin may experience wrinkles and aging signs. You need to consume proper dosage of Vitamin B12 supplements or foods. It will make your skin look young, soft and supple. Vitamin B12 plays a significant role in anti-ageing of the skin.

5. Useful for Healthy Skin

We all care about gaining a young and beautiful skin. In fact, we are striving to get healthy skin that is free from skin problems such as soreness, dryness, burning sensation, acne, blemishes, dark spots, etc. As Vitamin B12 contributes to cell reproduction, it helps in getting healthy skin.

6. Useful for Nail Growth

In case you have brittle nails that can be broken easily, you might be suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is important for the natural growth of nails.

Significance of Vitamin B12 for Hair

On the same parlance, Vitamin B12 also plays a vital role in the growth and nourishment of hair. Our body is what we eat. Hence, we need to check whether we are consuming proper quantities of Vitamin B12 or not. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 hampers our beauty of skin as well as hair.

1. Hair Nourishment

The primary property of Vitamin B12 to the hair is nourishment. Vitamin B12 provides sufficient nutrition to all the body cells. However, please note that this does not mean one can consume as much as Vitamin B12 to boost hair growth. People who suffer from Vitamin B12 must take relevant supplements to avoid hair loss. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 reduces the strength of hair follicles and lowers hair growth rate.

2. Boosts Hair Growth

As we have seen in the above point, Vitamin B12 is important for the necessary hair growth. As soon as Vitamin B12 is loaded into our body cells, hair follicles receive nutrients and restore hair growth.

3. Reduces Grey Hair

Melanin is a prime component for maintaining the colour of our hair. If the balance of melanin is affected, it leads to pigmentation of the skin and hair. As a result, hair loses its natural colour. Vitamin B12 is important for restoring the pigmentation of the hair. It helps in retaining the natural colour of the hair and also its shine.

Thus, apart from the beauty benefits, Vitamin B12 is significant for other health problems. Vitamin B12 helps in reducing stress, depression and anxiety. It helps in getting sound sleep at night. As we all know, sound sleep is necessary to gain healthy skin and hair. Thus, Vitamin B12 is a significant contributor to improving the beauty of skin and hair through several ways.

Conclusively, Vitamin B12 is a MUST for skin and hair.

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