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How to Remain Lit Up for Your Upcoming Prom?

Prom night is the most special occasion in any students life. Be a girl or a boy, we have some very handy tips to save your from committing some mistakes. Follow these simple tips well in advance and you will make your Prom a memorable one!

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Top Fashion Mistakes Committed by Youth Today!

Fashion is an important integral part of a youth life. Young days are the days when you get to do all the experiments with yor style statement and college fashion. However many young people end up doing fashion blunders by wearing mismatched dresses and accessories on various occasions. This article is intended to help you avoid the basic fashion mistakes. Read on for further information…

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How Sleep Can Enhance Your Beauty?

Sleep and beauty are very closely associated, If you dont get good sleep then it reflects in your body. Your skin starts loosing its shine and charm and other health problems like indigestion, tiredness, etc. begin to happen. In this article we will see how to handle this problem and how to achieve deep and sound sleep.

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Brief History of Prom Dresses – How Prom Began?

Prom is celebrated in many parts of the world. It is marked as the completion of school and beginning of adulthood for high school students. Prom event has a history of celebration in many countries. Lets have a look at how Prom has evolved over the years and how is it celebrated in many countries in the world…

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